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And you thought you had something to worry about!

It's never as bad a you thought!
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It must be getting as bad as I thought
I can't read it:)
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Gosh darn it...again...(sigh)
two days ago I had 3 stars, now back to two....

Can do how about you? what are we doing wrong?
The stars need to go, they are not on the TP forum
why in the heck are they here? I don't  see any new changes that were
supposed to happen either. I was trying to be patient medhelp.
OK....take em all medhelp ! over and out !
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HA HA !!!
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Your star is special and bigger then everyone elses!

PS-click the link it will get bigger!

- Dave
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I may be the thief that got away with your star.  I had one show up today.  And here I thought it was to celebrate Dave's great news.  I will try to live with my conscience :))

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Now that you have confessed, redemption is yours!

I think in reality those stars are being sucked into the gravitational pull of a black hole!

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Got it Dave, thank you,it got bigger !
Thank you for the star also !

Carol, it's OK....I share :)
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Yep your right, just checked and my star has ran off again, angel i thinks it time we set down and have a star to star talk with them two.......... Me thinks they are heading for trouble.

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I had 5 stars over the weekend and now it's gone seeking out stars of feather who stick together.

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Yes, seymour we have to get our stars to stop running around
with each other:)

You can join can-di-it and I Trin !!! All of our stars are sneaking
off together ! :)
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It's an honor to be in the same league with star feathered friends like you.

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I got candy......
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Those little baSTARS can be flighty!
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How can someone who has been posting here for years and years not have 5 stars? That makes NO sense to me at all.............all that advice and time spent helping only to lose a star if you don't post enough (or dont post the right stuff to make someone happy?) Please........stars are stupid bastars you are right Dave!
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i prefere triangles they are less pretentious
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"i prefere triangles they are less pretentious"

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"I got candy...... "

LOL............. Wanna share?
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You Betcha
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I'm so impressed with y'all's eyesite.  I can't even count the dang stars, much less keep up with how many I have or don't have.  I'm guessing I don't have anywhere near 5 tho.
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Ok...4?  When did I get so blind?
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Izzy, I don't think you got blind but the stars seem very light in color and smaller.

Elaine and can-did....you guys gotta teach those stars some manners LOL
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Honest, I would really like to see the baby stars that will result.  Wonder what the gestation is???
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We do have  a problem...can do man  didn't keep a close watch
on his stars...and as a result....well...one of my stars ran off
with one of his and I haven't seen them since, only a small glimpse.

I haven't told can do man yet, but I fear one of my stars is going to
have baby stars soon.  

I hope can do handles the news OK...;)

Hugs to all
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