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Hi everyone, finally have some good news to share. My HGB has made it back up to 10.2. I still am on Procrit once a week till I hit 11 and then we all know what happens. FLGuy,How are you my friend? are you finding our second half to be a little more difficult? My fevers are back and even with my HGB getting up there I feel so so tired. My brain is total mush. I walk into a room and can;t remember why. SCAREY!!!! I can't tell you how many time I drive past my exit. NYGirl, how are you Deb? Sorry haven't been in touch. I come home from work, try to eat and go to bed. Hate it!! I notice I am very teary lately. Doesn't take much to make me cry. Went shopping for work clothes. Big mistake. Not one thing fit me - by the time I left the store I was in tears. I know this is not forever but it still hurts.
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Nice to see you surface with hgb in double digits.  I'm doing ok, more than halfway is a motivating factor. Hemo doc is trying to keep hgb between 11 and 12 and is willing to work to maintain the delicate balance of dose and frequency, which is the trick.  Hope things around you are going well.  I think that you'll find if you can get the hgb moderated a bit the overall toughness of tx will subside a little.  Body and mind get drained when running on empty.  Can't imagine a shopping trip on tx.  If it's not a doc, a lab or work I don't go.  Got a call from Home Depot the other day asking if I was ok.  They miss my skulking around the aisles.  Was outside last evening at dusk and the nightly mosquito swarm came. After biting, they moved on.  The fact that they did not drop dead after biting me I'm taking as good news.  On the other hand, when they come back tonight they'll be full of riba.
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LOL - I laughted till I cried!!!! Thanks, I needed that. Your wit always cheers me up! How is your family doing?
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I swear to God I was going to make a post to you today wondering if you were ok and I should call or not.  Call me when you have the energy, Lord knows I know what it's like not to even have the energy to talk on the phone.

The good news is (or bad however you want to look at it) after treatment the weight does come back on and in fact...extra comes (that I don't want!).  

It's NOT forever my friend.

Now I'm just battling (and I mean battling - outta the way Alec Baldwin if you want to hear a REAL phone call why listen to me talking to my son yesterday when I found out he cut school and took off for SPRING BREAK IN FLORIDA........yeah.........nice having a 17 year old in the house).  Alec looked like pure child's play compared with what I had to say!

Car got flooded in the big nor'easter and then yesterday somebody hit my rental and took off so now.......it's going to go on my insurance.

Talk about luck?

The only good thing so far was hearing from you. :)

And my boss just handed me a pile of cash ($500) to "help me out" because I'm a good person who a lot of bad things happen to.  LOL no JOKE!

Try to remember these things when it gets tough and know that you are NOT alone.  I am here WHENVER you need me.  PLEASE remember that i UNDERSTAND and I know what you're going through.

That doesn't make tx any easier but...........thank GOD the Procrit is.

You WILL come back once your hemo just stays up there for a little while. Promise!

Your Friend,
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Family is mostly ok.  Mother-in-law has been visiting for a couple of weeks, which poses the greatest challenge to a riba-eater to maintain any level of self-control.  She leaves on Saturday, will drop her off at airport on Thursday.
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I received iron as a child 30 years ago for ANEMIA.  but my parents never continued the treatment.  I found out now that my iron is low 30 years later.  what are the long term effects of being anemic?
I started giving myself iron injections and I felt my wrists throbbing and tingling.  I think I might only do once a week injections.  you might need to check your levels to be careful you don't overdose and get iron poisoning and liver failure.
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You have commented on a post that is 7 years old in the hepatitis social community. Do you have hepatitis? I suggest you ask a new question in the blood disorders community.

Good Luck
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