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Hi, fellow medhelpers.

I just posted condolences about HectorSF's tragic demise. A terrible loss to all.

I also want to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone in the hep-c forums for not posting much since I was cured in 2015. After eight years of illness and worry, I just needed to get away from it all.

What's more, my girlfriend here in Buenos Aires, who stood by me the whole time and without whom I could never have held out alone, became ill herself this past March, was diagnosed with liver cancer in April, and passed away in May. Needless to say, I am devastated. She was never sick a day in her life until then, and was my strength and my hope. I somehow feel guilty that I survived and she didn't. I don't know how I'm going to get by without her. I probably need psychological help. I just can't believe that after eight years of helping me fight hep-c, she's gone.

Anyway, I hope you all here in Medhelp will forgive me for not participating like I should. If I can pull myself together, maybe I'll be back.


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Dear Mike, it is nice to see you! I am so sorry to hear about the death of your girlfriend.  I am sure it is so hard.
It is good that you have been living your life since being cured. I was cured in 2012.
I am happy for you.
I am missing Howie very much.  Even if we didn't talk every day, I knew he was there, a CL for the cirrhosis forum. I was working in the liver forum and knew he would help me if there was a question I could not answer.  He was such a love to stay here and continue to help people here, on other forums as well as in transplant hospitals and support groups.  I don't know how he did it.  He was amazing.
He is my hero. I told him all the time.
I am still crushed by the loss
Thank you for checking in. It has been slow here so people are not coming on like they used to.  I am sure others will check in soon
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Hi, Dee. It's been a while. How are ya?

Yes, Howie was an amazing person. I don't know how he did all that he did, helping so many people, and being very ill himself. A model to follow.

As to the paucity of posts, this new website is the pits. There are so many things wrong with it I wouldn't know where to start. For sure it's going to discourage people from participating. The old website had its problems, but instead of fixing them there are now twice as many. I am already so frustrated, after two days using it, that I'm about to give up.

I guess the management never heard the old adage "If it isn't broken, don't fix it".

Be well, Dee.


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Mike, I just sent you a message and had not yet seen your post here!  So sad for your loss.  Let me know if/how I can help.  

And yes, I agree with All - the loss of Howie is huge!  We are all diminished by it.  What a shining example for us all.  

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