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Blood Platelets

I have known that I have Hep-c since 1999......I went through chemo for over a year, The doctor said I had third stage cirrhosis at that time. My question is does anyone have blood platelet counts as low as I have...now at 66 range for a guy is 140 to 415 area. My doctor tells me not to worry.
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Sounds like you are not on treatment now.  I am, which drives the platelets lower than usual and they bounce around between 65-80.  During the course of treatment I see a hematologist for bloodwork every 2-3 weeks.  One of the components he watches is platelets.  He will not be concerned until they hit the 25-30 range and tells me there is no risk at this time.  When not on treatment platelets are usually around 100-115.  So, it sounds likee you are not in a danger zone now but your ongoing hcv is probably the cause of them being low.  If the doc monitors you levels on a regular basis, that might be ok.  But, you still have the undelying cause to have continuing disccussions with you hcv doc.
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have had now treatment for like five years now and still platelets are in that 60 to 80 range. But AST and ALT are in the normal range.
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Did you clear the virus, or was treatment not successful?  I assumed you did not clear.  AST/ALT can throw a person a little off track, I think.  Blood tests show I have been undetected for the last 24 weeks of treatment, but ALT/AST are high out of range still - a point of confusion for me.  But, people who have continuing chronic hep c can have enzymes in the normal rage.
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I have been showing a nondectable for 4 years now.......but the damage to my liver was done before I ever started chemo. The doctor said that my liver biop showed I was at stage 3 of cirrhosis damage. The doctor told me then in late 1999 that I had 2 to 4 good years left.......it's now been almost 7 3/4 years..:)))
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That's great that you are svr.  I understand that a couple of things are likely or possible with someone who gets, and stays, undetected. First damage to the liver should be arrested or considerably slowed. Second, that some fibrosis and possibly some cirrhosis is reversible without the continued assault by the hep c.  That's basically why I'm in this game right now.  I too have cirrhosis and have hopes of tuning back the old liver clock.
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When we found out in Nov. that my husband had hep c.  his platlets were 11,000.  The last time they were checked in May I think   his platlets were 40,000. He has'nt had a biopsy yet and has'nt started treatment.He also still drinks beer everyday. Pretty scary. His alt is142 and ast 99.  So I would'nt worry to much. I wish my husbands platlets were as high as yours!!!   THANKS KIM.
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I have genotype 1a hep c and have been on treatment since 04-21-07.  Yesterday my doctor told me to not take any more treatments unitl my red and white blood cell counts come up.  I have been very ill the last three weeks of treatment.  I do not know yet if I am responding to treatment.  What can I do to get my red and white cell count up and hopefully start treatment again.
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I ran in the 40s range the entire TX from shot 2 until about a month and a half ago (about 5 months post TX now)... I'm in the low 100s range - but close enough to normal that life is good!

Don't worry too much until you hit around 35s or lower --- then freak out.

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You'll have to ask your doctor... However - I will say this --- I don't know where you are on your blood count - but if your doctor is asking you to quit TX --- then you need to quit.

Some people are very sensitive to the tx. I think there are some drugs that can help you bounce up your white/reds --- but eating healthy - exercising and no alcohol help tremendously.

Wishing you the very best.

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