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Blood return on injection

Question and Statement:

Have youse guys ever had a blood return when injecting? Friday I had a big ole' blood return and bleeding from the injection site when i did a stick in my belly. Got blood in the INF and everything.

Well, what the heck, i just scribbed the other side with alcohol and shot the thing in there! I mean the stuff costs a lot of money!

I called gish's nurse, who said, "it's your blood, go for it" and also pegassist who said they don't recommend it because of the risk of infection at the new site from the first site, but then she said...i don't think it's a big deal at all.

First time in 20 weeks that ever happened. I had no idea that belly fat had that much of a blood supply!  Not to scare anyone, i always like to hear tidbits and pass them along as well.

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Only once did I have a flashback.

It means you hit a small vein. I don't think it's a big deal - at all - I did exactly the same thing you did --- other than having 2 bruises instead of one and using 2 bandaids, nothing happened. LOL!


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that i am not required to walk around nekkid. my belly does look a little weird! how are you doing today?

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Yanno -- I don't know if I got more bruising from sqeezing and shutting my eyes and jabbing... or from the actual jab itself... LOL!

Doing good today - it's a beautiful day outside --- gorgeous sunshine --- a few floaty clouds, ocean breeze... bright greens and life is good.

It'll be good for you again soon too!

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I did that same thing two weeks ago...left a nice bruise, but my dr. said not to worry...i try and look for places where there aren't too many veins, but...those suckers hide!!LOL...my thighs and belly look like i've been pinched repeatedly!!!...i'm with you about the neked thing...i look really strange!!!LOL...
hope you and Meki had a nice weekend...
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LOL....we know how those men are!!!!.....sure they're reading the articles!!!LOL
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You too jools.

Yanno something strange I noticed in a magazine once --- this beautiful model... I mean -- drop dead gorgeous had bruises on her stomach and thighs... and I remember thinking to myself... INF - INF - INF alert... LOL! She was in bikini halter combo set --- and the bruises were light... but I could see the circles...

But She could have been diabetic too.

It was funny - because my hubby couldn't see them until I pointed them out... (Methinks his eyes were glued to only TWO spots on the girl... LOL)

But it made me realize that we - as women - or as INF injection'ers' --- are REALLY self concious.

Granted I don't look like that --- and my two spots aren't as ahem.... prolific as hers... But I don't think anyone noticed mine... Hubby never really noticed unless I pointed them out.

Just thought I'd share that thought.


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Uhmm better fix that... LMAO!

"Hubby never really noticed unless I pointed them out."

Not those TWO spots... He notices those just fine... LOL! But my bruises.

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Oh yeah --- uh huh -- sure they are.. Just quiz them a little and see how much they remember...

But 36 DD they hit spot on... LMAO!
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i've had a bit of a lower gi thing today.

i had to run to the b/room after i read the rest of the thread because i was going to evacuate from laughter.

thanks a LOT, girls !!!

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I just know they told me stay an inch away from the belly button all around, and stay away from the waist area.  The only thing I did wrong once was forget to flick the air bubbles to the top and push it up to the measuring point.. I don't know what I was thinking..When I realized what happened my family started grabbing my purse and sweater looked at me in the strange way that I have come accustomed to them looking at me lately while on Tx.. I don't know if they thought I was gonna drop dead there and then.. but I called the Nurse and she assured me if nothing happened within a minure after the shot I was gonna be fine.  ( whew)    I'm waiting to play connect the dots after Tx. lol

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that happened to me early on - I had a hand shake when I injected and while the needle was still in it almost poked through the skin and blood everywhere - what a mess...but the worst part - I got a major infection from it - I was on anti biotics for 3 weeks and I have scar tissue  - It's still all purple and sensitive...After that I swtiched to my legs for injection and have had no problems other than light bruising - be careful, watch for signs of infection - in both sites - *dip*
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Mosquito times are good times. The kids think I am overly sensitive to mosquito bites!
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