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Botox during TX?

I get botox every6 mos. and although I know this sounds stupid I'd like to get ASAP b4 I begin tx. Will run it by hep doc, but am embarrassed. I figured snce people were answering about drinking blood, I could ask this. TIA.
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Go ahead and get the botox, it will be fine! I asked the same question of my Hep doctor when I was on treatment a few years ago and he said it would not have an adverse affect.  If it's going to make you feel better whilst treating go for it!
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I have a plastic surgeon who is more than happy to do botox and has worked w/my hep doc on a surgery I had 3 weeks ago (breast -NOT augmentation!) I'm  going to have to wait until after tx w/hep doc permission.
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I got botox right before beginning tx.  Then my botox doc dropped me when she found out I had hcv.  She was just... ignorant.  But anyway.  Didn't appear to have damaged my tx.
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Thank you; I will double check w/hep md.
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