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Breathing problems Tx stopped

I recently got out of hospital for bilateral pnumonia and mild pancreatitus. Interferon/Ribaian treatment was stopped at 8 months GOOD NEWS is I responded to treatment at 2 months and became undectable! Yesterday I saw my GI doc and he said I was undectable in october (he orded test when I was in hospital) So, now he said because I responded so early to treatment "if the November test is undetectable you have a 95% of SVR so we will do a 3 month and 6 month floww-up" Does this sound accurate to anyone...I'm very happy, I have stopped drinking, changed my diet and did everything i could that was suggested during tratment...it was not easy.

NOW, I was told to go to hospital 2 days ago, I have had a very hard time breathing, white blood cell count was 21,000 (10,000 is highest normal) but I was on prednisone, which can increase your wbc count. 4 days after finishing the prednisone I had a repeat blood work and get results today. I've also have a temp of 99.3, night sweats, and since 11/3/08 my pulse has been over a 100 up to 109 and pressure has been normal to low for me.I saw my primary doc and GI doc yesterday and have an infectious disease doc (I have found that having the 3 Doc's are very important because one Doc can (and has) missed things. My primary put me back on prednisone 40 mg for 5 days and changed my albuteral solution (for my nebulizor) to Perforomist (which is working great). I suspect based on the low grade temp, increased pulse and breathing they will do another CT and/or x-ray (Xray was clear 2 weeks ago) and my blood work WBC count will be higher.....
I just am so, so anxious about needing to go in hospital again (I was in 10/12 & 10/22 and "dodged another bullet" I guess I could have expired during my second admission...God is good as long as I try to stay out of my own way :)  ANY INPUT WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED, YOU GUYS HAVE GIVEN ME SO MUCH HOPE AND HELP...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ryan M.
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Sounds like a problem unrelated to hepc going on. I would say your chances of being cured of the hep are excellent.
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I just wanted to say that I wish you a quick recovery and that I also believe that you have a very good chance of making it to SVR I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. All the best,
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gauf and Marcia2202,

Thank you for taking the time and care by giving your input.

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My doc told me that more then 90% that relapses do it within the first 8 days.

Best of luck to you hope for SVR.

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congrats! seems you are on your way to SVR.  please be careful with the  prednisone, i have read this can be contradicted with HCV.
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