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Bug (&Birds) and other geno 2 post tx

Hope this note finds everyone is well.

I check in and mostly read only occasionally (haven't read a word for months), I am working a lot of hours.  I have been without insurance since 8-1-07, so was unable to get my 6 mth post.  3 mth (taken around 4th mth) was clear.   I will be insured in 30 days if all goes as planned. I am anxious and hopeful to see what my one year post test will be like.

As rotten as I felt a year ago (could hardly get out of bed) I want to share I feel really great. I share this because I hope that others who might be in a rather deep interferon funk could feel hopeful about their future. I am curious how other geno 2's have fared post treatment.

Bug I know you are still out there, hope you are well big hello to you (special because we went in and out of tx about same time) and others to many to name.  Hey bug my hair is coming in so thick now (about 4" it really is an annoyance the time and attention to get it too straighten out and fly right. looks like an edward scissorhands haircut (hair that hung on is longer than the new growth)

I will spend more time reading and catching up this weekend. I am off to join a gym I honestly don't know what that will be like i have a free 30 day pass..

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From a fellow 2b-er that is currently 'feeling rotten' :}, week 19 tx.......
Thank you! Looking forward to feeling great later.

Glad you are and that your ordeal is over. BEST wishes on you next test. You'll be fine there!

Thanks for the boost post!

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Thank you for your comments Lady Lauri - how many more weeks do you have to go? std 24?  well hang in there, you are almost done.  Be kind and get all the rest you can. Are you having to work?  This being Friday I am guessing that this is "shot" night. things usually get a little slower on the forum.  

I am really grateful for this place. I don't think I could have survived this ordeal without being able to talk to others who have the same experience. It is very isolating to feel so weak and sick, and in my case, not fit for human consumption.

Elaine you have always been so positive and uplifting.  I know sometimes I felt like such a dog, the treatment made me so irritable.  some things did hang on after tx.  my sleep is weird, and I am still sensitive to loud noise (still havin trouble with the neighbors noise!!!).  How is nick doing?  I think I remember last year he had stopped tx early also???

my gym experience several days ago was enjoyable. precor xtrainer 15 minutes. but was crazy for working out shoulders stomach a little all over 1.5 hr total;  had a pleasant burn in the muscles the 2nd day.  i like that feeling.  

i remember how strange my brain felt when on interferon/riba. i don't know what exactly was the cause (anemia drugs or ?) but i was real aware of how much energy it took to think..
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I am glad you are doing well and feeling better.  I am done now too, ( as of thanksgving) and feeling much better, waiting for the 3 month post test to come back , to see if I cleared it or not.  

Need to follow your steps and go to the gym.. but haven't yet..   Keep in touch, and glad you are feeling so much better.   Its great to feel back to normal isn't it ?

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  In week 19, only 5 to go :}, a lucky one.Not doing my 2 physical jobs since week 4, both were 12-15 hr. days, tried, couldn't do it and lucky both are waiting when I am done. Have done some of my own biz work, which is what's pd. the bill's (along with the kindess of one employer paying me some, and the other job had a 'party' for me and sent a get well card full of money!) My shot nights Wed.'s. Did that as usually worked more on weekends, now doesn't matter when I do it.Think the site has slowed down since the big change also.
Can not wait to be my hyper self again! Haven't lost weight, didn't need to but it has gone from muscle to....not so much muscle :} I want to pump some iron too,lol!
  Glad your doing so well. Be joining that 'club' soon!

Again, wishing SVR for you on your next test.

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Hey there rosebud, are you sledding down the hills? What a cold winter here in sunny California!

Ladybug does show up here now and then, always funny. I miss her.

Although I relapsed and look like cr@p on paper, I feel tons better.
hugs,      OH
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You sound great!!! I think of you all the time and have meant to keep in touch, but.........,
I wish good intentions were worth something!
I even talked to a social worker long ago for you and found out that your best bet in Texas is child protective services.....I'm a lot of help, right?
So glad to hear the hair has come back, and I have wondered whether those pesky neighbors were still bothering you. I  read something in the newspaper about someone killing their noisy neighbors and I checked the city to make sure it wasn't you!!!!
I am feeling good, have some aging problems that have nothing to do with tx, just wear and tear from my job.
Pigeonca used to get on but I haven't seen her post in awhile. She was still clear last I heard.  Of course Snobird is a mystery since she left when she quit treating. I hope she is having a great time on some island that she stayed on after tx.
I'm so glad to hear from you, you really made history treating while pusrsuing a Masters degree and having kids at home!
Take care and keep in touch..
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