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Can you get infected this way?

Can you get infected with any kind of Hep if you get saliva on your face(ex: lips, cheeks, eyes) while someone is talking to you, taking in consideration that this someone is infected?

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  NO !!! It is a blood borne virus. It is spread blood to blood only, such as transfusions before 1992, IV drug use etc. It is not an STD either.

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"Can you get infected with any kind of Hep "

Hepatitis B virus is spread or acquired through exposure to infected blood or the body's secretions. The highest concentrations of hepatitis B virus are found in the blood, semen, vaginal discharge, breast milk, and saliva.

Even though HepB can be found in Saliva you can not become infected by casual contact.
This is a HepC forum.
As Bobby said,You can’t get infected with HCV through Saliva.
Med Help has a Hep B forum. You should post your question there.
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Ya can't get hep c this way but I beleive AIDS can be spread this way.

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I'm not sure I can agree with you here. First, Aids is not spread but its is the result from the destruction of the human immune system caused by HIV. Second, the viral load of the Hep is much more concentrated than that of HIV.

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!.Hep A is spread tru feces.
2.hep B is spread tru sexual fluids,like semen, and blood.
3.Hep C is spread by blood only,not by body fluids.
4.Aids is spread by bodily fluids,like semen and blood

Aid virus dies fast outside the human body.the hep virus lives for weeks...hep virus is so strong ,bleach cant even kill it
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