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Can't, stay away from here too long !!!

To the friends i have made here, Sorry I've gotten to rap up in life , to even , get on the forum. Well!! I'm just about, done. Getting my new team, of doctors,together, monday we landed the psychiatrist. So now, I should start, the big 3 in 90 days. It is so hard to, pick the date. It feels like, this ( I'm holding a big rock, and i need to take this rock, and smash it in to my face!!!! ) what day do i pick???????
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If you work, it might be a good idea to try to schedule the injection so that you can rest a couple of days afterwards.

I am retired, so I do not have to juggle a work schedule, but I have season tickets to the Symphony and to a chamber music series. The concerts are always on Sundays. Therefore I always take my injection on Monday evening. That way I figure my best day will be Sunday and I will be able to make it to the concerts. It has worked well.

Best of luck.
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The sooner the better ---- to stop the anxiety!
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the sooner u start the sooner u finish ..congrats on getting in the starting gate!
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I agree the sooner you start treatment the better. I didn't have any side effects from peg until the end of treatment but I think pooh is right, plan your shots well.
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We'll be here  to help you get thru the first 12 weeks
They are the most challenging so prepare yourself with misc.
supplies and food!!
We've got your back.
Ditto on if you work you might want to do the injection on Friday.

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