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Car totalled & brain fog HELP

Has this happened to anyone else while on this treatment (peg & riba) and would like any possible advice.  I am very discouraged and want to cry my eyes out.  Should I quit driving?

I had taken my riba earlier in the morning.  Went to DMV & on way home got into 3vehicle car wreck, NO ONE WAS HURT, THANK GOD.   However, my car has been totalled & I have been found 100% responsible because I was making a left hand turn.  I am wondering if I had brain fog and didn't even know it.

Thanks for any help.
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Sorry to hear the news.  If there is any comfort for you, you are not the first. Both Algernon and NYGirl had similar tx sx.
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Awww...((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))) unfortunately, yes, I experienced something similar...I was in my first week of tx, driving home on the freeway from a DR appt, when I just sort of...forgot..I was driving...for a short while...Thank God, nothing happened, but after that, I've been way more cautious about driving distances...More then a few blocks from my home...I'm really afraid of making some really dumb mistakes...(I've certainly done them while I wasn't driving!) the brain fog can be pretty sneaky...I've found myself just...staring...at nothing in particular...LOL I've lost a good part of my day doing that sometimes! If this is what dementia is like, NO THANKS!  hang in there! My experience is, it seems to come and go...That's awful about the car, though...I'm glad it sounds like you are okay...
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Thank you for your support.  I really am relieved to know i am not alone.  I have caught myself doing the staring.  I hope this temporary for all us brain foggers. Love jenn
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Bummer - but glad your OK - I had the fog real bad last month and I'm not even on tx yet. Major spaced out...very scary - I couldn't drive at night at all. It's better now but I start tx next week so we'll see. Thanks for reminding me to be extra careful.
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Hey, if it helps, the brain fog seems much less now that I'm approaching week #6 of tx...I wonder if it's because the hep is UND? I didn't realize how much this stupid disease was affecting me before txing...
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I to have had 2 similar episodes of amnesia during tx., I knew i was driving but didnt realize where i was or where i was going, only happened while i was driving.  I had a very strange thing happen about 6mths post tx  where everything i was seeing just spun to the left, i pulled over to the side of the road, it left just as quickly as it came.  I was about a mile from home, made it terrified,and it never occurred again.   Asked my hep about it, he didnt know, but interferon does cross the blood brain barrier so there is no telling what little qurps it has left us with.  
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After about the 2nd week of TX, I had a couple of episodes of amnesia. I was driving along then I was just lost, took me about 5 minutes or so to figure out where I was. I quit driving after that. Just make sure you be extra careful when your driving.

Good Luck and Take Care
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I've been having lots of driving problems, had a couple of flat tires coz i 'ran' into things, felt like I was gonna pass out a couple of times.  I no longer drive more than 10 or 15 miles, tops, and most of the stuff I do is within 5 minutes.

you are NOT imagining it!  these drugs alter our perceptions, make us weak, faint.  be careful.
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So sorry ! You don't need this in 'normal' life, let alone now.

I drove little thru tx! Most appointments I had someone drive me and have a nice big dent in my truck from a day I knew I shouldn't have driven (a tree).  Honestly, I was afraid I'd hurt someone. I was so grounded thru tx! I drove to Dr. once, 40 miles, and on the way back was thinking 'I don't even remember driving TO the Dr.' !! (is that the amnesia thing??)
(Feeling inferior again! :)

Hope all the red tape, insurance goes easily!

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and no riba/road rage against the poor innocent drivers after the accident? Grandma is too well behaved! If HCV was not a serious disease, that could start the scenario for a good comedy... (or maybe a scary movie?)
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I was too scared to display riba/rage.  Thank God.  I was afraid i might get shot!  so i behaved & smoked.  HOWEVER, I have experienced riba/road rage even before riba!
Thank you for reminding me of that because i sure have to watch it.  I like the senario for either a scary movie or a comedy.  My sister gave me a dragon after the accident.
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Thank you all for your support.  You all have kept me laughing instead of crying and i hope i can do the same for you.  Love GrandmaBRZ
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It has happened several times to others on the forum. I quit driving as I just didn't feel safe. There were times I did feel safe enough to drive down the mtn. I live about a mile up a windy road. Many times, I didn't feel safe to drive on tx. So I didn't. Luckily, I had someone who could drive me to appt's and the lab etc.  I sure hope you aren't alone and have no one to help you out, or are near a bus stop or something. This can be serious. I took it seriously and didn't drive when I felt out of it.  

Sorry to hear of this, but glad you are okay!

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