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Cindy where ya been?

Hi Cindy,

Where are you? Are you and your husband okay? Maybe you checked in on a day that I wasn't on forum. Please post and let us know how you and your husband are doing if you see this thread. I miss seeing you.
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just wanted to say hey as well, hope youre doing fine!
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hope Angel and Ms. Bug are doing okay too!
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OMG I can't believe you just posted thi, I haven't had a chance to check in and I just logged on to see how you were. Its like fate ;-)

Anyway we are ok. I started a new job the week after tx ended. I should have waited a couple weeks
(was very tired) but I had delayed my start date by 3 weeks as it was. But doing fine now. The first couple weeks were rough. I feel much better, still a little bone pain but energy back and I'm buzzing around again, thank God. Between work, hubby and the garden and my daughter driving me nuts
I dont have anytime for myself. But I'm alive and well and for that I am grateful.

Hubby doing well, still roofing, don't how he does it. He is on week 30 and blood counts are real low (all of them) but he keeps trudging. Dr told him to get off roof (platelets still real low) but hubby says
no way, if he can't work we might as well shoot him. Its probably good for him in the long run, but I do worry. His skin issue are better but he very tired.

How are you doing? Are you feeling better? Have you had any blood work done. My dr stops all labs until 3 months post and he wont check CBC's again, isn't that strange.

I can't believe two months have past. I hope you doind well.

Forsee- Good to see you still around to help others, I miss everyone here!
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so I've been trying to find you in that pic on your profile...are you that guy in that little boat off to the left? looks like youre in a storm or something...always pegged you for the man in the boat...did I just say that? gonna go take a nap...
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I hate when that happens. Cindy so glad you checked in. I love this place but it's hard to find time to get on as much as I want to. So glad you are doing well and keeping busy too!
Forseegood..wow! You are just as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside!
Child...ditto for you as well! Will talk to you all more soon, I need my beauty rest after seeing the glamour shots!:) Gonna go nite-nite now....
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It's so good to see you guys here! I think about how you guys are doing...!
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Cindy, so good to see you. Glad to hear all is going well with you and your husband. I don't know how your husband goes up on the roof of a house when its hot out no less to be on tx.

Yes I had the 4 week post test -so far UND. I went for another one today cause I had some concerns so my PCP gave me the req form. Yeah it is crazy that your doc doesn't want to check the blood yet - I'd insist if I were you or go get tests from some other doctor. These doctors alot of times don't factor in the waiting and how hard it is and that enough is reason to give us a PCR test - but IMO he should be looking at your blood count, CRP (to check for any inflamtion) and others. But anyhow good to see you!!

Child/bug....Always good to see you guys. Elaine I hope you and Nick are doing well. Hi Bug, I said hi in the other post - hope you are doing well.
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Glad to hear you're recovering from TX, Cindy.

tell your hubby to take it easy!  Roofing work, especially in the summer, has to be rough.

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Hey,,you crazy people,,,hows it going on the flip side?  Myown!!  Congratulations for making the big mark of undetectable!  Whooooo,,,,what a relief!
Hi Cindy,,,So glad that you made it through your tx and sounds like hubby is getting there!  New job so soon???  You are a brave soul lol
Forsee,,,Your picture is darling!!  You could change that age easily to 25!!!

Child,,,Hey Girlie!!  Glad to see you!  Sorry Nick isn't going to college this year but I'm sure he will work that back in within near future.  Books aren't cheap,,,are they?  Bless your heart,,,that is really sweet that help you in so many ways....
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hey honey-woney, Thanks and hope you are doing good. Just read on the other side you are building a house. Its nice to hear good news like that. Haven't seen Tator around lately. Hope all is well with her.
see ya
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so nice to see you here too, you have one of those names that makes me smile...much better then "Almost Dead and Lying on a Rock Waiting of the Inevitable" like sometimes you see, lol....remember, that pic is tiny, and I clean up pretty good, thank the Gods we gals have access to make-up and hair coloring, he he he! though I guess you don't HAVE to be a gal! I hope life is good for you Honey Dear, you've always been such a positive force here!
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