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Closing out 2007, what weeks is everyone IN?

I know we’ve done many surveys here but it would be interesting to see where everyone is at during our journey through Treatment and what was/is the worst sx so far. If post TX how long. Hope everyone chimes in.

Week 42 of 48

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Good idea.

Friday will be week 55 0f 72.

weakness/fatigue/faintness/dizziness and general physical incapacitation are my worst SX.

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i cant remember your details but have you decided that its worth extending?

week 54 of 72
the physical sx are bad but it was the feeling of hopelessness in the first 6 months that
hurt the most.
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Whoever stays with this present soc past 48 weeks is a true worrier in every sense of the word, god bless to all of you. The first 6 months of treatment I will try to forget but it will always be with me :) but will go the extra 4 weeks after the completion of the 48 in a taper down mode which I deem best for me given my stats along the way and being und since week 8 in which I went from 4.7m to und. The thyroid has been my biggest problems through out TX and still is at the present, it flipped back to Hyper in the last three weeks and have lost 8 lbs in spite eating all the time, but hopefully it will all end soon.

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I agree w/ wyn...great idea.

Friday will be week 29 of 48.

Thyroid (on 25 mg synthroid) ~ this really hasn't been any problem though.  

fatigue/nausea low WBC and ANC (take neupogen 3x wk) slightly anemic but not to the point of procrit.

P.S. I would love to drop 8 lbs ... i'm jealous geter LOL.

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HI Jasper!!!!
Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year!! I sure hope you are managing and your treatment is passing by......how many more weeks do you have?? I am officially 3 months off the tx and feeling better everyday!! You wouldn't believe how quickly you can put on weight when you feel better again !!!! (especially during xmas and there is plenty of food around!!!)
I had my 3month blood work done and am anxiously awaiting the results!!!
If you have time I would love to see how you are doing!!!
Take Care Jasper!!!
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On behalf of Walrus (who is stick with some kind of URI)..he will have his 24 week PCR next week. so he just finished his 1st 24 weeks. He wants to extend to 72, but will have to talk his docs into it. Don't see a problem there, they don't seem awfully concerned about him and his outcome. Worst sx?? I think he'd say first the depression, but now that's under control, I'd bet he'd have to say the itchy eyes and random itchy spots (no rashes, really, just phantom itchiness). Walrus? What's your take? This is from my point of view, watching you. Oh, also the fatigue. But he's been fatigued to some degree for years, so, I can't really say, for sure.
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I will be on post week 14 tomorrow. Next week I should get my 3 month PCR. Nausea and insomnia were my worst sides.
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  I humbly-after reading week 29, 54, 55 above.....post that I'm in week 14...15 on N. Years day. Only 10 to go.
Worst....Hgb drops, fatigue, pain (mostly legs!!) Weeks 4-8 the worst-80% in bed- but was lowered than due to Hgb (trial, no rescue drugs.) I would never make it thru 48-72 weeks and those of you that are....you 'bad', tough, amazing....and have my best wish's and hopes for SVR in 2008.


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6 months post treatment . I feel as good as i did before treatment maybe a little better. I have one side effect i know interferon caused and that is a hypothyroid. I take .125 mg of synthroid for it. my six month pcr is undetectable.
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I did 51 weeks of tx. I had a dozen vials of Procrit. Nothing else.
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Week 14 of 24....Got my viral loads last week and they found no trace of virus in me.
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Oh, and worst sx is this itchy scratchy rash that is driving me insane.
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