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Coffee and Water on tx

I have been reading for some time about the importance of drinking ALOT of water while on tx.  Well... I drink ALOT of coffee.  NOT alot of water.  I'm not sure how well I can make the transition.  I've never been much of a water drinker and if anything, it's soda water.  Does that count?  (Maybe a stupid question but I'm asking.  Maybe those bubbles have adverse effects?)  

Can I still have my 4-6 cups of coffee in the morning...and drink water all throughout the day.. and my 4-6 cups of coffee in the evening?  Well...coffee midday too.  3-4 cups.  

Aside from the lecture on caffeine overdosing.....anyone else with a coffee habit that has had to adjust to water....have any suggestions or tips?


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Well, clarification.  SOME evenings I drink 4-6 cups.  Some evenings I drink none.  Depends.
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You want to be adaquately hydrated during treatment. There's some debate whether coffee is hydrating or dehydrating, but the latest I've read is that it's more or less like water in terms of hydration.

That said, you may find caffeine and riba a very jittery combination, but I'm sure that's indvidual although many have problems getting to sleep on riba even without caffeine added at night.

Also, many here have gastro problems (chronic reflux for example, i.e. GERD) on tx, and caffeine can aggravate that. Same btw with carbonated water which def is hydrating but can also caused gastric discomfort in some.

Half your weight in ounces of water (or fluid) is one formula given out. So if you weigh 100 lbs, then 50 ounces a day of combined fluid intake (water, carbonated beverage, coffee, tea, etc) should in general do it.

If you have trouble taking your water straight, try adding a little fruit juice and/or honey and/or tea/cofee just for flavoring. Camomille or other non-caffinated herbal teas like Roobios also can give water a nice flavor. More conveniently, you can buy the overpriced "Vitamin Water" or smilar, although I found the citrus additives made my GERD worse, but I had a pretty bad case of it so could hardly get anything down at times.

-- Jim
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"Can I still have my 4-6 cups of coffee in the morning...and drink water all throughout the day.. and my 4-6 cups of coffee in the evening?  Well...coffee midday too.  3-4 cups.  

...SOME evenings I drink 4-6 cups.  Some evenings I drink none.  Depends."

With all that liquid going in, you should buy your Depends by the case.
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Funny :)   Keep in mind...it's the cups as per the coffee pot.  They aren't REALLY a cup....more like 2 cups of those are one REAL cup of coffee.  So.. more like 2 - 3 cups of coffee.

Jim ... what sort of symptoms tell you that you aren't adequately hydrated?  Perhaps that's a really stupid question....but this is tx, I'm thinking.  All I can think of is.. constipation.  Anything else?  

I'm thinking if I get a water jug with a spout for at work it might help.  I did quit coffee cold turkey there for awhile and I drank nothing but water for a few months. Could happen.
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Thirst is not an accurate indicator. Better is the color of your urine, clear being more hydrated and a darker yellow being less hydrated. Problem here is that what you eat and drink, and esp some drugs and vitamins can sometimes darken the color of urine even when you're hydrated.

I believe doctors can tell with urine dip sticks that you can also purchase but not sure on that. You'll find out soon enough whether or not you can tolerate coffee on treatment. Many here do drink coffee on treatment and your revised "cup" total doesn't sound that out of whack. But again, as a rough guide -- half your weight in ounces of water a day should do it.
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Check out the skin on your fingertips and lips -- is it smooth or wrinkly?  Prune-like means you're dehydrated...

Even before starting tx, I would tend to be dehydrated a lot...  Don't care much for plain water, so a trick I like is to mix 1/3 Poweraid with 2/3 water in a glass... Makes the water go down much easier... I think there are some energy benefits to adding the Poweraid too...

Don't quit your coffee habit -- it is giving you pleasure!  Maybe cut down a little and add more water...

Take care...  
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