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Comfort foods - what gets/got you through tx

I've been drawing up a shopping list for comfort foods before I start tx. I was wondering what things you kept on hand to get you though it.

Here's my current (and ongoing) list as of today:

Ginger ale
Mrs. Grass chicken soup
Campbell’s tomato soup
Saltines (lightly salted)
Grilled cheese
Ice cream: (HD’s Dulce de Leche, B/J’s Cherry Garcia, fresh peach)
Homemade chicken soup (finely chopped stuff)
Homemade vegetable soup (broth or pureed)
Ginger snaps
Tea (peppermint, ginger)
Cottage cheese
Plain yogurt/fruit for smoothies/frozen
Lime juice popsicles

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I think your list is really complete.  I am sure you have read many posts that the sides were different for all.  Some had no problems with appetite or nausea.  I on the other hand, just didnt eat much at all, no appetitie.  I lost about 20 so far.  It got to the point where i had to eat whatever I could swallow.  Anything not loose more weight.  

It looks like you have done your homework!!!!

good luck with the start of TX...

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Ice cream is really the only thing you need and i'm not just saying that cause i sell it. (well really i am). Any way you will be just fine. Best to ya girl.

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OK - gotta be honest ---  had a bunch of food --- but ended up eating only these things:

Popsicles --- any kind of ice cream on a stick...

PRETZELS... And flipsides --- they are cracker pretzels --- both plain and cheddar.

Soups... any kind I liked.

And spaghetti Os.

Tons of crackers and potato chips...

Anything that was easily grabbable.

May your TX go well.

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Yeah, I'm thinking quick and easy here...just in case of nausea, mouth probs...what have you...things that stay DOWN!

Want to have things on hand since I live alone and don't particularily relish scraping snow off my car in the middle of a MN blizzard to get them.

Plus, for my helpers, when they ask what they can do, I can be specific. As a carer, it's sometimes hard to know exactly what one's needs are when you haven't walked in their shoes.


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Pam; try some raw cranberries with your yogurt; not bad and it seems tha UTI's can sometimes sow up during TX.  Cranberries may help and keep one a tad less acidic.

Possibly consider the "BRAT" diet which is often used for diarrhea back when the kids were young)
(Lets see if I remember; Banana, Rice, Apples....and I can't remember the "T".  : ) )
.....no....it ain't trout......

(who wishes that one of these years he will learn to spell diarrhea without spell checking it.  ; ))
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(I remember mom giving it to me, yep)
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