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Conspiricy theory at work???

I find it interesting that the CDC, first, took so long to make any announcement stating all 'boomers' should have a 'one time test' for hep c .  However,  the CDC knows it goes dormant for decades, that a one time test is insufficient, i.e., it should be yearly AND not just boomers, but ALL srs, given they are just beginning to find all the sources for contraction.  I believe there is a good possibiity that the innocuations seniors had as children could have been a contributer, looking at the global aspect of Hep C where injection drug use is not major. I wrote you an email last week asking if you knew when sterilization of vaccine needles became procedure in the US and still waiting to hear back.
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Its a start to address Hepatitis C.   CDC is letting you know that you
should get tested.   That you could die from complications of Hepatitis
C.  If you know you have Hepatitis C then you have choices.  Its a
very simple concept.  Your choice!
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"goes dormant for decades, that a one time test is insufficient, i.e., it should be yearly".  You should check your facts on this.
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yea,  check your facts.  The word dormant does not apply.  Your hep C can appear inactive but it is silently inflamming the liver all the while.  Whenever you contacted it, within a month or so, you will always ALWAYS test postive for Hep c antibodies. There is no need for an annual test.  The CDC is doing the smart thing here, before liver transplants bust the system.
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