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Forgot to ask you guys this a while ago. Did anyone ever have their Copegus in a 'regular' vial, like the one you at the pharmacy (push down a twist top type bottle)? 2 of the bottles were the white bottles with aluminium sealed tops looks like right from the manufacturer type. Why would this other bottle not be the same.

The reason I am saying this is the white bottle has a lot number and expiration of 09. The other one says its expired in May 07, no lot number of course becasue of bottle type I guess. Isn't that cutting it close(May 07)?

Plus the sticker that is over the white bottle says 07. Why does it say 09 underneath.I asked the girl on the phone when I placed my new order why are the bottles differnt. Could she answer me? No.

If anyone can make sense out of what I said, and can answer me, let me know. thanks
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I got my first bottle of Copegus in the "regular" bottle at my local pharmacy. From then on, I decided it was easier to simply get it via mail from the same mail order pharmacy that supplied me with the Pegasys. The mail order pharmacy always shipped it in the manufacture's White bottle. The reason I assume the pharmacy does it the way it does is because they probably order larger bottles from the manufacturer/distributor to fill the prescriptions from. Shouldn't make any difference as long as you're dealing with a reputable pharmacy.

As to the expiration dates, I'm a little unclear on what you're saying. It does seem odd that the expiration date would be as close as May, although technically still has months to go before expired. Have no idea why they would put an 07 expiration date over a closed bottle with an 09 expiration date. I'd call the head pharmacist and find out and return it for a fresh pack if you don't like the answer. But I'm kinda neurotic about those things and always used my most recent meds (per expiration date) first as opposed to last :)

-- Jim
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Well hubbys comes in a white bottle with a seal and they are little blue pills and mine come in a regular pharmacy bottle (push down and turn) and they are white capsules. I have been told due to two different mail order pharmacies.  But does sounds strange from the same pharmacy.
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Mine had come like that before... sometimes they would pour them into that amber Prescription Bottle... other times they came just as you mentioned...

Oh, & Actually that's NOT really cutting it that close... that bottle is approx a 1 month supply.... so just use that bottle first & it will be long gone before the self life reached expiration!

That Self life is actually good beyond that... but.. well you know how all that works... Personally I liked my Riba to be FRESH Too... Just like I always dig to the BACK of the Milk Cartons at the store... so I get the freshest one with the furthest out expiration date,,,LoL
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Thanks guys.
This is all mail order though. All from the same place too. Weird to me. Maybe I'll see how this next shipment comes and then ask them.

Of course I think the worst,like it was a return and they stuck it in the regular bottle. I think of the meds laying in the back of some drug addicts beat up car in the sweltering Florida hot sun and then he returned them and I got his dead meds. Yeah leave it to me to think of the worst scenario.

Maybe thats why no sx for me. lol Dead meds,potency went poof. I shouldn't even joke like that. What a nightmare that would be. But who can you trust? I just read an abortion clinic a few towns away from me has been closed due to a procedure gone bad. When they investigated there were unsterilized instruments etc. I guess there will be a few new Hep c cases to add to the statistics. How horrible. Unsterilized instruments!

I'm petrified to go to a dentist at this point.

Tator Tot lol I grab the milk from the back too. I don't understand the people that grab the one in the front. Whats wrong with them? Ha!

Hope your doggie is feeling better.

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I went to the dentist recently and was glad to get a new cap on that tooth that needed it. My doctor said it would be fine to go to the dentist as long as they didn't do surgery or scraping of gums, etc. The doctor does have a list of exceptions but they wouldn't give it to me just for replacing a cap. Don't be afraid of going to the dentist. I'm glad I went. I ran out of dental insurance last year anyway and I have 2 dental plans.
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I lost some of my ribavirin, if you can believe that! I'm suppose to get refills this week but I needed the riba yesterday. My dr. said come by and she'll give me some. She gave me a bottle of copegus and said take like the riba. It has pink capsules 200 mg so I double up on the pills. When I picked them up, first thing I checked was the expiration date on the bottle! April 07! My pills have a shorter life span than yours! Oh well, now that you mentioned it, I'm the one who got the druggies pills that he turned in after not txing!
I always check the exp on the milk, move all the milk around and try to get the freshest too.
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I had to laugh out loud! The description of MY pills former owner's bathroom! They were not safe in that house, he did touch the bottle with those hands that never washed after he...you know!
Hey, BTW, I have tenderness in the spot you asked about awhile back. It comes and goes and is like PMS tenderness. I was rubbing a sore spot near my armpit and remembered your question. I went a little nuts at the time and said "ask moveabove he knows everything about me!" Think I scared him off?:)
Good night, take care, I'm going to go read, I was going to clean but nixed that idea.
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Hi grandma, I think I will always be afraid of going to any doctor that has to use an instrument that touches me, especially if blood is involved. Its just scary cause the people that work at some places these days are very irresponsible. I always worry if the instruments are sterilized or did the kid in charge of cleaning the instruments just wipe it on her pants leg before putting it in your mouth.  Well it looked clean. ha!

hey bug, lost riba lol Oh no! Thats our wonderful memory. I just ordered the pills yesterday they will come Friday. Since I still have a decent amount maybe I should have waited, since the expiration is so close. I will wait and see what the date says.

I mean, come on, I thought these things would be selling like hot cakes. It IS and epidemic. Why the old pills laying around? I don't get why my bottle has the 09 on the it, yet the pharmacist has 07 sticker over it. Does anybody do anything right these days? We have an excuse for our mistakes. We are on powerful hepititus drugs. Whats the pharmacists excuse? Powerful hepititus drugs too maybe. ha! Oh our luck, bug, me and you happen to have the only 2 pharmacists in the country with brain fog from being on hep tx themselves and they are selling us old meds. I'm sure they will apologize for giving us old meds when they realize it. lol God forbid this should be true.

Yours is April! You did get the druggies meds. Maybe he didn't leave them in his hot car tho. Maybe they were safe on a shelf in his hairy smelly,yellow floor stained bathroom. Ha!

Now I'm getting jerky,extra jerky I mean. It's 10:30 Pm past my bedtime. Anything past 9:30 pm is not 'liver friendly' in my book. lol

See ya later. Hope all is well!
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i skipped through and didn't really read all related threads, my guess is this. sometimes product comes from manufactuer in their bottles, jar whatever, in powder form. it is good with a freshness date of 09 for example, once it is reconstituted, it has a different freshness date, example amoxicillin good for 14 days or so once it is mixed (i am wondering if it is something like that)
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My riba was 400 mg blue tabs. The copegus is 200 mg pink tabs. I'm supposed to take 800 mg a day, so I take two pink copegus am and 2 pm. Isn't that right?
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SAID She gave me a bottle of copegus and said take like the riba. It has pink capsules 200 mg so I double up on the pills.

What do you mean? Do you mean you have to take two pills per one because their concentration is different (ie: instead of being 200 mg pills they are only 100mg each) or that you are worried they won't work so you take two per each perscribed?

Copegus, Rebetol, Ribavirin etc ALL the SAME exact thing but made by different companies..

If you double up on the med chances are you are going to be totally wiped by the anemia. I foolishly asked for a larger prescription than I needed and the doc gave me one extra a day BUT I also doubled up and took more than that.

My hemo went from 15+ to  9 IN JUST TEN DAYS. It was DEVASTATING.

Just take exactly the amount prescribed if that is what is going on or you could end up in BIG trouble like I did.

Cop and Riba are the same med - you just don't want to take too much.
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The tenderness I still have now and then too. Moveabove,I forgot about him. Nah, I don't think you chased him off. He's finished with tx and moved on probably. It's good for those who are newbies that some of the experienced always are here to help, but I don't know if I  would stay on. I want this world behind me hoefully someday. Not that it ever really gets put behind us. I would still stay in touch with whoever wanted by email or phone, but the actual forum thingy, I think I would not be here or maybe just once in a blue moon.

But anyhoo I feel like my whole day is shot cause of being on forum on and off all day. Thats why I need to break away. I was supposed to be working on some music and here I sit.

see ya later.
My riba I take 1,000. So 3 pills in morn and 2 at night. So I would say 2 and 2 for you. Makes sense to me.
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