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Could it be that Botox parties are...?

...a possible risky thing with regards to getting infected with Hep?     I've personally never done the Botox thing because I'd already been infected with Hep C and knew about it the Hep; when Botox became popular.  It just didn't feel like something I felt comfortable with the idea of having someone inject me with a known toxin just to get rid of wrinkles.  To me, in that instance, the risk was not worth losing a few wrinkles over.  Now, I'll inject the toxins of TX because they actually might have a purpose in helping fight this disease.  Anyhow, I'm sure that if you've watched the news or read any magazines or newspapers that you've heard about these Botox parties that people will have in their homes.  Now we know that people have been infected from improper sterilization of equipment with regards to tatoos, piercings, manicures/pedicures and any number of surgical procedures, but I've never heard the Botox thing being mentioned.  It's just a curiousity to me.  I mean after all, is it not an injection?   Is there a remote possibility with the many professionals who are taking on Botox as a side line to their practice, of their reusing the vials?  As in what happened out in Nevada?  I mean here in FL their are even beauty salons and dentists taking on Botox injections and I have to wonder about it all.  Not for me, but for the potential other people who might get infected this way.  I know my younger sister has started getting Botox injections up in the state of GA and it just makes me wonder.  

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I have heard of the Botox parties, and i agree i think they may resuse  the vials    I have nothing against anyone getting botox or whatever they want.  I think that since we are associated with (drugs, HIV, blood transfusion etc).  People who would go to a Botoc Party would not even think that someone there may have hep c. or anything else for that matter.Which is why when you tell someone you have hep c, and you look "normal"  you get that look. like "Oh gosh how did you get it"!!!

Elaine  and Susan be proud of the wrinkles!!!!  

on the other hand, if i had money i'd get it all done!!!!  lol

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Tee-Hee if I had the money, I'd get other body parts redone and forget about the Botox!  I'm thinking increase upper half, decrease lower half!  Maybe a little saline into my spiders on my legs.   Like I'm ever going to be able to afford that??  My little sister is RICH.  I'm not jealous, mind you, but it's just the facts.  Maybe some hair extensions!  Maybe an upper eyelid lift!!    I'm dreaming, but it's fun to spectulate!   Some day when I get to heaven, I'll have a brand new body and actually, I can hardly wait for that day!  No more pain and suffering.  No more shots or needles or tests or doctors!   Just peace.  And lot's of Love.   That's what gives me hope.

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Believe me.......my daughter used photoshop on a  picture of me the other night and got rid of my smile lines and the between the brow lines I have and I'll tell ya after seeing the difference - I want all the juvederm a doctor can stick into me!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ;)

I was at the derms office with my rash and was talking to him about it and he said that one vial would be enough to do all my major wrinkles (which like I said is the parantheses ( ) and the " between my eyes) - one vial so I don't think they reuse the vials at all really because it doesn't seem like there would be that much inside them???

But what do I know - botox is like a lotto dream for me.  Amazingly, I bet you a lot of women wouldn't think twice about it though and if good friends wanted to "split" a vial I bet ya they would do it for them.

Stupid stupid stupid.  

Good point.
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I just don't want to waste the little bit of money that I have on something like that.  I'll just keep my wrinkles!  Somehow, it just doesn't add for me to spend that kind of money when I'm in so much debt and I'm struggling to pay the bills I already have.  But, it's nice to dream.  Also, I'm squeamish about having needles to my face unless I was totally knocked out to get it done.  But, I'm really not into trying to worry about my looks that much either.  My daily attire consists of T-shirts and Shorts and Gawd forbit, sneakers!  When I'm indoors, it's slippers.  No high heels for this broad, no way, notta, out of the question here, not if I want to stay on my feet!  I absolutely cannot walk in those things.  So if anybody was to want me to wear them somewhere, they'd be out of luck because I'd stay home!!   Fortunately, my hubby is shorter than I am and it all works out for the best.  I would be thrown to the curb on 'What Not To Wear' show.  I love that show, but they would tear me apart!   I'd be mortified to death!

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There should be nothing wrong with "splitting" a vial, meaning having more than one needle withdraw from a vial, as long as each needle was new, sterile  and had not been used to inject anyone.  Right?

Not that I'm into Botox or anything - have my hands full right now with the stupid HCV treatment.

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I like your thinking,  i believe they should have a show called "  What to wear while on TX"  i have bought and worn more hanes white men's undershirts in the last 25 weeks than most italian guys i know...  i have never worn flip flops until now,  when i am home the wardrobe for work is jeans and a tee shirt, sometimes a baseball hat, flip flops or sneakers, at home its a LONGER TEE SHIRT cut off sweat shorts. thats it!  very attractive.....

on the whole botox, I WOULD HAVE IT ALL DONE!!! lift the bu**, enhance the top,  take away all the wrinkles, take away all the strecth marks, take away all the wrinkles, get smooth skin (Rash has done a nummber) tummy tuck, do it all....

but who has money for that.....not me!!!!one can dream  lol
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Needles in the face?  I'd have to be unconscious first.

Ok, maybe if I had my very own vial and brought my own syringes.  I hate the wrinkles but ICK ICK ICK, do NOT like sharps near my face. They would have to strap me down. When this tx is done I hope I never even get in the same room with another syringe.

As to spreading or reinfecting myself with Hep C - I'd cut my head off first before I would run that risk!!!
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Its not nice to fool with mother nauture in my book. We earned all we have and we should cope with it.

I wouldnt touch plastic surgery or Botox with a ten foot pole.
Ewwwww........Too each is own. Just not my thing whatsoever.
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No worries, I'm not doing it either.  Just thinking about that better looking bod - in a 'what-if' sort of way!   I don't have the $200,000 that it would take to do all that stuff and then, you run the risk of infection.   No thanks.

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Ditto Ditto Ditto!
Besides the health hazard of doing it at least if it looked good.

That shiny face and those huge plastic fake lips gotta go!  
Everyone looks like they have been ripped apart.
Too bad they think they look good.

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I'm right with you all --- all the way down to the botox on the ankles... LOL!

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Botox injections are done with a sterile needle for each patient, and the botox is in a sterile environment if diluted properly.I cant imagine it would be a problem.  Its all about the universal precautions.  Botox doesn't last long enough, costs to much to fit my budget. Scotch tape is much better...
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