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Cree passed away

I'm sorry to let you all know that our friend Creewoman passed away this evening about 5:45 PM in the hospital. Her liver failed, her kidneys shut down, and she developed a cellulitis infection in her legs where the edema was so bad. She passed peacefully and without pain according to her family and doctor.
Thank you for your prayers. I know Cree's mother and the rest of her family thank you.
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Thank you for letting us know.

Rest in peace, dear Snowbank woman.
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So sorry to hear that.  Condolences to her family.  
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Thank you very much for letting us know. My thoughts are with her family.
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Yes...thank you for letting us know. My condolences to her family....thoughts and prayers as well.
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Fly....fly free, bold and pain free.....soar....you will always be in our hearts.
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Damn, just damn.......... RIP Snow women.
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Advocate1955, thanx for posting this. I've been watching the updates on Cree and I'm saddened to hear that she has passed.
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Thankyou for all your effort to help her. It's so sad her husband and or sigbifucant other didn't put as much effort into helping her. It shows we are all close to this without care and being selfish about our treatment. Too late, too little.  May she rest in peace.
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Thank you so much for letting us know.   I am sure you brought her a lot of comfort.
I am so sad to hear of her loss.
Rest in peace Snowbank Woman, our thoughts and prayers go with you
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Even when you know death is coming it is still a shock, you want to believe there is a miracle for every one.  I got this off of Cree's page, I hope it is ok to share here. She was 55

Someday we will all be healed and there will be no more tears."Love the Lord your God will all your heart,with all your soul and with all your mind"Matthew22:37
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Sorry to hear of this ....

RIP Cree
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We send our deepest sympathy to Cree's friends, family and all her loved ones.  We were so sad to hear that Cree lost her battle with this terrible disease.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all who are mourning the loss of this brave woman.

Cindy Thompson
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RIP.       So very sad.
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RIP Cree. She was suffering so, it seemed.free now. Sad.
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Oh dear Lord, may she rest in peace
My sympathy tomherfamilu
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  RIP, beautiful Cree~  I'm glad that I got to know you, and we had fun, joking around oh here. What a brave and caring woman.
  I know she left behind a daughter, still young, and I will continue to pray for her, and the rest of her family.
  Thank you so much, Advocate, for all the work you put into helping Cree.

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Prayers for the family,
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I'm so sad to hear this. Even though I knew very little about her I do know she was a good woman who should have had a longer and better life. I'm glad she had her faith to comfort her, that she passed in peace, and that she is now free of pain and troubles.
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This is sad news. She was a sweet lady. Rest in peace, Cree.
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RIP Cree snow women god bless the family and all those who knew her. Im glad she had her faith to keep her going i hope you rest in peace now cree love Jules xx
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God bless her family.  Sleep peaceful Cree.

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yeh though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil
for thy rod and thy staff shall comfort me.
the lord is my shepard. and I his lamb.  This is just how I feel.  Cree has gone home where she suffers no more.   Blue
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