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Daclatatasvir & Sofosbuvir

Let's end the lack of cooperation between Gilead and Bistol Myers and get these two drugs on the maket to the people who need them.  The only way we can do that is through our White House Petition.  Pleas sign at www.hepc-cured.org we on have until 3/20/13 to get 100,000 signatures to have the white house intervene.  Please have your friends, relative, neighbors sign and add it to their face book and twitter... we need to end this deadly disease now. 4 million in US have this disease, 170 million world wide, hepc killmore people today than AIDS, a 1000 people a day die waiting for a cure.  Take action now---sign the petition.  Thank you
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I am not sure how this site works but the drugs we need to cure hepatitis c is daclatasvir and sofosbuvir.
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Maybe Medhelp can just start a forum for nothing but this, this is getting unreal folks.
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I have always supported the petition but I am confused by a few things and I will not pass this new petition onto friends and family until these questions are answered.
Gilead is currently testing Sofosbuvir with their own GS5885. It looks promising. Bristol Myers also have some promising drugs in the works.
They are all working on this at a furious pace (yeah, maybe for profit, but so what? We still benefit).
It seems rather naive to expect that because Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir are a cure for many, that we will expect Pharma to drop everything else and proceed with our drugs of choice even if a million people sign the petition.
If there was nothing else in the mix, I would be more supportive of this push, but Gilead and the others are working on it.
How do you suppose we could persuade them to switch gears, when 1. it may not be a cure for all and 2. They already may have a comparable drug
to Daclatasvir?

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I was an earlier supporter of the concept of promoting the continuation of the collaboration.  That made sense in March and April of 2012.

The goal in my mind was the most rapid passage of the most efficacious treatment.  My fear was that Gilead would not be able to rapidly move approval forward, and in the worst case scenario, the trials would have to be replicated or that the compound GS5885 would not be as powerful as Daclatasvir.

As it turned out, Gilead WAS able to fast rack the approval of a combination using 7997 & 5885.  Phase 3 trials with this combination started dosing in Oct or November 2012, and NDA approval is expected in 2014.  It wasn't a seamless transition, but I don't think one could argue there was much more than a 6 month delay.

In terms of efficacy, I have not seen any data which supports that one compound or the other, either GS 5885 or Daclatasvir works better with 7997 (sofosbuvir) better or worse; they seem to be equivalent.  I am unaware of any proof (yet presented) stating that Daclatasvir would be superior to 5885.

At present, there is probably more evidence which now exists that supports the safety and effectiveness of the two Gilead drugs in combination, than 7997 in combination with Daclatasvir.  If this is true, the finish line is closer with the 2 Gilead drugs in combination than with a Gilead/Bristol collaboration.
(please correct me if I am wrong)

I greatly admire the earnest attempts to move this forward, but each month that 7997 & 5885 moves closer to approval and each month that 7997 & Daclatasvir does, the compelling need for the collaboration diminishes. (IMHO)

It is another question entirely whether ......no matter how many signatures are collected...... whether you can force a collaboration between corporations, any more that you can enact legislation to force people to marry, no matter how good the intentions are or how good the outcome might be.


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Gilead's sofosbuvir & 5885 are only achieving sucess with the use of ribavirin.  Ribavirin is just as toxic as interferon.  I don't know about you, but I do not want to take toxic drugs that and still do not cure the hep c and lead to "other" life long health problems because of using a toxic drug.  The only 24 week trial that attained 100% SVR without toxic drugs is when daclatasvir and sofosbuvir were combined.

I do not want to wait while a cure exists now.  Nor do I or want anyone else to continue to be used as laboratory animals while a drug company wants to put profits before patients.

Gilead refuses to cooperate with Bistol Myer so they can get the entire Hep c market, Gilead 5885 is having, at best, poor results  unless the RVB is added to the mix.

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