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Dates and nutrient

I was reading about the nutritional value of Dates. They have important vitamins and a good source of iron. Was just wondering if the iron would be OK for cirrhotics?
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I'd stay away from dried fruit because of the iron content if you have cirrhosis.
Stick to fresh fruit, blueberries are in season~ yum.
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hi streamer.....how are you?....i still have some stuff going on but not bad at all...i think its because i still need to lose my treatment weight gain...i need to get back to cardio......billy
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Hi dog..I'm doing better. Finally got rid of the UTI. I'm now realizing that the cirrhosis is the cause of some of my physical problems but so happy to be free of the hep c virus.

Glad to hear you're doing better too. You'll probably feel great if you get back to cardio.... It's good to hear from you...Streamer
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From the Department of Veterans Affairs

Iron and Vitamin C

'Some people with hepatitis C, particularly those with cirrhosis, have above-average levels of iron in their body. Too much iron can damage organs. If these people take multivitamin/mineral pills, they should take the ones without iron. These pills usually are marketed as formulas for men or adults over 50. These people also should avoid taking large doses of vitamin C because vitamin C helps the body absorb iron.

You do not want to take iron supplements if you have hepatitis C, unless you are specifically told to take iron by your provider.'


'The liver stores iron, and an overabundance of iron (iron overload) can add to the damage caused by hepatitis C. Too much iron can be a problem during interferon treatment. See your physician to determine whether you should avoid supplements that include iron.'
If you are having physical problems as complications of cirrhosis you should consult with your specialist as there are many meds for treating particular complications and symptoms of cirrhosis.

Be well!

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Thanks Hector for all the info. Turns out the dates made me sick so won't be eating them again. I've made a list for my doctor this month. Hopefully I won't overwhelm him.
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