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Do we have a colored ribbon to wear for hep c like other illness have.

I was checking out some of the sites where you can donote to liver disease, and I know there are organized walks, etc., but do we have ribbons like cancer patients or AIDs patients, etc.  Do we have a logo to help inform others of this disease?
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The HCV ribbon is red and yellow.
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Thanks, I've never seen one.  Where can I get a visual to make my own?
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Should be a mottled yellow and brown with little men with helmets and pick-axes.
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I have my little hepC doll at home that Friole sent me after I finally finished treatment. He sits on my tv and stares at me and reminds me that he is the LAST damn hep I'm ever going to see in my life.  He is yellow and he has a little ribbon on him I'm pretty sure.
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One of the support foundations uses a little blue hot air balloon I think?
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Here is the little doll I was talking about his ribbon is in the picture!  Not that I know if it's correct - I'd assume so though - but maybe it will give you an idea!

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EspritLibre1 has the Hep C ribbon as her avitar - check her profile and you'll see it.

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Thanks to all.  I am feeling very frustrated by the lack of awareness of this disease/virus (I include myself in this as I had never really been aware before I was dx) by my family and friends.  I want to start doing something positive while feeling so yucky (so incongrueous and I can't spell)--instead of wearing my heart on my sleeve, I want to wear something informative on my sleeve--metaphorically speaking.  
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Mustard and ketchup colors...FIGuy, your color ideas sound better lol.  The doll is sold out too.
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