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Done with PCRs?

So, it is official, although hard to fathom that a little over three years ago I was injecting the last of the interferon in my leg.  I stare at the results NEGATIVE, and am in awe that it once read positive, that I had a virus circulating through me, creating havoc everywhere.
It was a rheumatologist that finally tested me and gave me the horrific news. For years my joints ache, my body tired easier than ever,  aches all over, digestive troubles.  To me, late thirties was too young to be going through all that.  It was not until I was 51 that I was finally dx. Mild damage, tg.  To tx or not to tx?
I figured it can't be worse than what I was feeling, and age was not going to stop or slow down while I waited for something else, plus, if I relapsed and had to start over, I wanted to be relatively young to try again.  Many things came into the decision to tx.
DONE.  After 70 something weeks of tx, three years later, it is over. My hepatologist did not even give me a script for a PCR, my internist did.  For the former, it is over. He is not needed.  
It is hard to believe that I once had HCV.  
Tx is not easy, only doable, one day at a time.  
I wish I could say that I feel better than ever, and with tons of energy, but all those years with HCV, tx and age find me with the same aches and pains as before tx, and aging is adding still more.  The cold weather in NY is hard on the bones.  I had read that many had felt better and pain free after they got rid of their HCV, so I was hoping to be in that group.  It is ok, I am satisfied  being in the HCV free group. The SVR bus has given me a ride to the other side.
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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWSOME !!! Ya know I haven't been on here in over a year, though my thoughts are here everyday, just finished some  wrapping, and wanted to look in to wish all a wonderful holiday...and  what better gift to see then your SVR and the hope and strength it will give others. Some of the best gifts are the hardest to unwrap, but I bet that word 'free' is worth it.
Lady may your New Year be full of all the miracles of life.
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Your journey is inspirational and gives me the optimism that is needed one day at a time on tx.  


Merry Christmas & Peace Love Health & Happiness to you in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What a great message, cuteous.

Gives us mid-term treaters some hope.

Congrats and hoping 2008 is your best year ever.

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Cutey, can i call you cutey? Oh well to late done did:) So its been three years now and still SVR.

Me would think you are done, finished, the end of pcr's. You were saying 72 weeks when it was almost unheard of, guess you were right as now it's almost the norm for geno 1's.

BTW your not getting older, your getting better:)

Now if you just quit kicking me....OUCH... Hope all is well with your daughters.

Can-do glad to see cutey again
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POPS-A DOODLE, how the heck you been old man? you try to forget about me your long lost kid out here? So what you get me for xmas pops and when can i come home!!!!

Still waitng on my peddle car so i can take cajun to vegas, i also quit peeing in pools.

So how about it pops can i come home???

Serious now, hope all as been well with you and big chuck:)

Glad to see your name again and hoping you have a very merry xmas.

Can-do heading to his room again.
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Holy Canned Heat Batman, how ya doin? Not hiding on ya kid just a really crazy year with lots of stories within stories within stories. Emotional, funny, trying and crazy. Everybody here is doing pretty well, bizarre maybe, but that seems to come with the territory.
You don't wanna come home yet, I ripped out the bathtub and now have a dirt floor in there. Well that is after I chopped through the concrete slab our house is built on.
How's everything with you?
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I think that you were first one to ever post back to me on this board.  Glad you got the best Christmas present one of us on this board gets.  Happy SVR, nice to see your news.

Can Can & Strator - it's like OLD HOME WEEK!  Nice to see you both posting!
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it is so nice to see you all. merry christmas and happy new year. i am doing as best as can be. i am content with that.
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hey pops, doing just fine here ty. Still driving everybody crazy!!!

Finish treating but relapsed but thats ok theres alot of us that didn't make it the first time. Would have been nice to been on that SVR bus sitting between all them nice girls here. But i got good company on that bench though. So we'll set there and wait on that bus to come around again. Heck they might even let me drive:)

fresnoborn, glad to here all is well with you, its been awhile. Home that grand-daughter of yours is doing great. The best to you girl........

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How nice to see some old faces back here.

Cuteus, I have missed you.  Honestly, it has been tough without your touch here, but we have to go on, you know.  I am so happy for you. Hepatitis C is a thing of the past and you can focus your energy on better things.  I was hoping the joint problems had finally gone away.  Sorry they haven't subsided.  But you are running again, right?

stator - miss your tales too.  Merry Christmas.  How is your dad?  Your son? Your swimming pool?  I am sure your life is full and rich.  Have you written a book yet - by golly, you need to.

Fresnoborn - what about you -- did you go back to school?  Tx was so rough on you.  You cleared, didn't you?  It has been over a year since you finished too.

can do -- he he -- I will have to get ahold of fisheress and see if that pool job might come available again.

Love you guys
frijole (friole -- see cuteus, I even fixed the spelling, finally)

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Wow...major congratulations!! Walrus just finished up with 24 weeks and I have to say just thinking of 48 more is pretty depressing...and I'm just his wife, He has to go through it. I wonder, often, if we will ever have a normal life again, so much is impacted by his TX, I can't believe it. I don't even remember what our lives were like before his DX with liver cancer (2 years ago today!) started it all.
But I am so happy for you. I need to hear success stories, many of them...over & over!!
And remember one day at a time..there's no other way to handle it. Congrats & best wishes!
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So good to see you, been a long time since I've seen your name here, though I always check. I see you have finally declared yourself free of this disease, Greg just had his 18 month post tx PCR to and he is still virus free, so we breathe the word "cured" now and don't keep our fingers crossed anymore when we do it.

A lot of people come out around the holidays to visit this board, not sure what brings me back all this time later, maybe it's the equivalent of pinching myself, maybe it's a way to remind ourselves what we've been through, all I can say is I'm happy to look at Greg and know that he doesn't have to take this journey again.

I see you're still recovering, Greg is too. Been slow to rebound from all the treatment he endured, he gets discouraged now and then, but I do see small progress, and I have to remind him how there was a time he couldn't even tie his shoes without being worn out.

I'm so happy you stopped in, happier still to see you remain SVR.

Be Well,
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Ivette!  I heard the news on another forum and had to come see for myself.  There it is!  Wow, girlie-girl, you did it...

I wish you always the best.  Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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cuteus- so nice to see your name ..and combined with longterm SVR.....goodstuff girl-how did college work out for yr daughter? i am begining the same process here,my daughter graduates HS this spring...any advice..?.puleeze....?
Strator-great seeing yr post also..good to hear that the house still getting a makeover-how's that washing machine holding up? and yr dad&son? sure hope all is well&good,....CHEERS
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HI there Cuteus!

Thanks for the three-year post report. I expected nothing less from you, but it still sounds good to hear. You were a great help to me almost three years ago- I appreciate all the knowledge you passed along. I’m still slugging it out with treatment, but doing it with a fairly good education :o). Wonderful to hear from you, stop in and say hi from time to time.

All my best,

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Thank you so much to the friends and new members that have come out and share the news.  GEESH! so many of us have gone on with our daily lives and hardly check on the board.  I still remember Amerabrit, she came, treated, made friends, got SVR and left! and so many have gone the same way.  I am so happy to hear that Greg is rewarded with an HCV free life, and all you  SVRers, too.
  Strator, still tearing things up? is it ever over?  I wonder if you are still painting and have that website up.
My kid is now in college in Wellesley, how far are some of you friends from Boston? We can do a get together at some point?!  Too bad "can do" can't deliver that ice cream all the way up here.
I have a dream, that HCV will be  viral history to all diagnosed and their families/friends.  THat HCV will be history, period, a non issue for all.  We in LI just got in the news the other day. Another medical professional has infected a group of patients by reusing single dose vials.  It is still going on, it is not IV drug users, it is reckless behavior by those who should know better.
beamer! how is that nice cold breeze upstate? you are svr too, I remember.
I wrote that note above at the end of the day, before taking my ibuprofen, so it might have been a bit negative.  Yes, frijol, I am still signing up for the Summer run, try to do Yoga three times a wk, and even though it might hurt, it is not an option to stop exercising.
To those treating, you have to continue to do some form of toning, like strator had done at one point, even if it is just stretching to touch the door frame or a mini push up against the wall.  You can not let the muscles atrophy, recovery after tx will be slower and more painful.  If anemia is an issue, insist on a blood booster. Studies have shown a higher SVR if epogen is used before anemia sets in.  If there is hx of heart disease, insist on epogen, you do not want to put your heart at risk. Your quality of life should be considered while on tx. If you need anemia to be treated in order to continue working, exercising and just plain breathing, insist on it. So much of this tx is fighting with your provider for everything you feel is necessary in order to achieve that coveted SVR.  I switched drs two times and fought with the last one to let me go longer than 48 wks.  It is your tx,  make it count. If the tx is endangering your life, don't push for it for too long. Strator had us all holding our breaths for a long time. If the tx is not working and you are in danger, please stop and wait for better tx, especially if your dr is not working with you in managing low blood counts.  HCV can be cured, tx is manageable. Use whatever is available tohelp you finish: good painkillers ( I used vicoprofen), blood boosters(I was on Procrit), exercise (even a mild toning regimen can help) and the support of friends on this forum. Use all the tools available, it can be done.
Blessings to all
I promise to try and help those who ask me,if the email option is back on MH, feel free to do so.
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I'd love to have some contact with you again.  The email option is "more or less" in here, but I think you have to "join." When you do that, your name is highlighted in blue and anyone can click on it and "email this person."  For example, you can click on my name here and leave me a message. (at least I think you can -- not sure, since your name is not in blue yet...) You can also develop a "friends list" and that way it is easy to contact someone who may not post often.  In this email format, addresses are not given out.  You can choose to join someone's friend list or not.  .  Another nice option, should you do this, is the watch list.  That makes it easy to check on the threads of interest.  Hope you set up to do that.  If not, that's okay too.  Good to visit with you
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I'm so happy to see you checked in again. I think the last I read, you're birds were having babies. I was in the group of newcomers who got on of my first replies from you. I was so impressed with your knowledge, and so thankful that some one had answered my question.
Take care, congrats that you're hep c free...
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I'm so happy for you that you're done with all of this.  I hope to one day, be like you are!  I've been around here so long, I think I'm a statue or something!  Well, take care my friend, thanks for letting us know your good news.

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Happy News - it has to feel great to put HCV behind you. You answered a lot of my questions when I was a newbie and now here I am 3 mo post and still und. I wish you well!!! Merlino
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HI Cuteus - Nice to hear from you. Glad all is well. Take good care and drop in from time to time....
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i am getting my 2 yr post-trx labwork this week.....and then i am officially done with the testing too.......i will not continue watching out for phantom viruses and consider this my sweet swan song...the fat lady done sung!....i may well be visiting boston this winter-buddy works for willie nelson/farm aid...maybe we can meet for a coffee? i would like that,but it's all still v tentative.....what say?
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Just bumping this for the heck of it........all the old names look at all the real love and support.
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