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Dr. says I can continue!

I've not lost anymore weight (holding at 103) and my bloodwork is the same, so my Dr. says I can continue as long as my bloodwork is stable and weight does not drop below 98 pounds (sheesh at 5 ft 8 I sure hope NOT).  He would like me to try to gain 5 pounds, but that I am not to worry if I cannot.  Very good that I've been holding my weight stable.  He does not want me to take any additional supplements and would also like to see all infections clear and me off antibiotics as well.  

I believe that the addition of the liquid protein and the all greens powder to my prosure,icecream, and fruit smoothies has helped.  I think the "chair" exercises my NP gave me are helping as well.  The sea sickness braclets are a godsend.  I'm hoping that once my ear and sinus infections clear and I am finally off all antibiotics - I'll feel much more like eating.  I am able to keep light toast with pbutter down.  A good addition to the smoothies.  I will be trying more solid foods as they appeal to me.  Right now most stuff just makes me gag. I hope this will change soon.

So - I am for sure still "in the game".
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Thats awesome, I hope the appetite comes back soon.
Strange how it works, when you want to lose weight you can't and when you dont it just comes off. Glad your able to eat something now.
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Glad Doc said you can continue! I am sure you have had this already suggested but something like Ensure might help with the weight thing. Yes I ate a lot of ice cream on tx as well. Milkshakes tasted good as well.
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Hi - I was originally doing ensure and then my NP and JimJim on the same day told me to get prosure which turns out to be "super ensure" - the bonus is that prosure also tastes a LOT better to me than ensure.  Sure is expensive though...
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Oh that's such great news, Compulsive! I'm so glad you haven't lost anymore and are holding steady!  And I think your appetite will improve even more once you are off the ABs.   You just keep hanging in there, and one day you'll be craving your favorite foods again! :)  

(and yeah... lol - what's up with the  .... _____)

I ain't saying a thing....scared to talk anymore :) Just kidding.  

You have a great one! Glad you got such good news!  
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Congratulations on stabalizing your weight and continuing on! I read some of the stuff over on the other side and understand your concerns. Realistically, this place is going to be the way it is, so my advice is to let some of the stuff just roll over you, stay around and use the support and information system to your advantage and continue to help others as you have. Easier said than done and if you need a few days off line to chill out, well, many of us have done that before -- I know I certainly have.

Be well,

-- Jim
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I had the same problem. AT 5'7 I weighed 120 and purposefully gainned weight before treatment because everybody at the med group kept saying "you are going to have big trouble". But still I got down to almost 100 and looked DREADFULLY skeletal.

make sure you are keeping an eye on your TSH level - my thyroid went hyper (before it went hypo) and that helped me drop 20 pounds in only a few weeks.

Now, at week 71 - I'm back to normal weight again. Have been for a while. It does come back you do start to level out.

Ice cream seriously helped saved treatment for me. Without Mr. Ben & Jerry and Mr. Hagen Daaz - I doubt I would have made it.
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cindy - yeah, had to keep an eye on my weight when I was doing stunts - but I never imagined I'd be dealing with something like this.  by the way, Can you believe they deleted musicmikes wife's thread?  What was wrong with that? Don't understand deleting ameriboi's thread either.  I just don't get "the rules" I guess.

nygirl - Wow, so maybe I'll be able to gain that 5 pounds back doc. wants me too.  Gee your almost done...I am only going 48 weeks.  I am on week 20 now and the last 28 seem so long.  Then - I see how you've gone 70 - well, I guess 28 more weeks isn't that bad. Only 2 more weeks - your an inspiration!!!
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So good to hear you're doing better. My hubby is doing better on the appetite, too. It sure is difficult when you can't eat,it makes you weaker than ever! Also, it's scary to lose that much weight. He's eating cashews, almonds, sweet potatoes with lots of butter, peanut butter and toast, eggs, avocados, chicken noodle and tomato soup, bananas,ice cream and sherbert, and I even took Jim's suggestion and bought him a cheesecake, which he ate...the whole thing!! I was excited! I listed all these foods hoping you might see something that appeals to you:)
Anyway, hope you continue to feel better. He's feeling much better,(just weak) and is on week 35! Here's to the finish line rapidly getting here!!
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Yes, the new rules seem a little ridiculous.  How can you separate a patient's medical condition from the equally important financial and insurance situation? As a matter of fact, without addressing the latter lots of folks would be in no position to start tx at all.

Without the responses of some old-timers on the forum I wouldn't have even known about FLMA.

A friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer sent me a book by Bernie Siegel called Love, Medicine and Miracles; Lessons learned About Self-healing from a Surgeon's Experience with Exceptional Patients.

The main premise of the book is the inseparability of a patient's diagnosis with the whole person and the need for Doctors to treat them as such.

Hippocrates said he would rather know what sort of person has a disease than what sort of disease a person has.

And if it was good enough for Hippocrates, delving into all of a patient's circumstances, it seems it should be good enough for folks in the forum.

And as someone suggested in the OTHER one, if you don't like a post or a thread, stop reading it!

No one's forcing anyone to respond to or read anything.

Anyway, great news that you can continue tx.

Hopefully, you'll keep posting your charming comments, as well.

I, for one, want to know every last detail of every symptom, physical, emotional, psychological, that anyone's feeling while undergoing tx because it's ALL relevant.

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I agree that it's virtually impossible to separate the "medical facts" from the emotions and trials that people go through while treating. The thing that attracted me to this forum was that people could easily communicate with each other and get everything out, all of the good as well as all of the bad. Treatment leads to financial issues which lead to stress which lead to emotions out of whack, you get the picture. I just hope that the new people will know to come over here for the support they need so badly.
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hang in there...glad your able to continue..i drank lots of juices&milkshakes-which i dressed up w/ extras-peanut butter,bananas,dates,whatever works..also ate mixed nuts,berrys,bananas,apples w/ granola all over wholefat yogurt....hope you can put on a few pounds &really try eating some fats w/ the riba....GOODLUCK
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i also used a natural appetite enhancer-justa puff can make quite a difference....interested?
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