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EOT! Today's the day.....

Yep today is the day I have looked forward to since beginning this arduous journey six months ago! I can't believe it is here and that I managed to persevere through all of the sides that came my way. I honestly do t think I could have done it without the support of everyone in this Community. Whether I interacted with some of you personally or not, being able to read other people's posts and the wealth of information posted was priceless. The support and encouragement I received in some of the darkest moments I have ever had gave me the strength to carry on when I would just as well have quit.

You people are incredible! Thank you!

I admire to no end those of you who have been through treatment on morethan one occasion. I KNOW I wouldn't have been able to do this treatment for 48 months and the. Have to turn around and do it again.

Tomorrow I go for my viral load test. I am praying that I remain UND.

At any rate....HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY DANCE today!
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You were delivered from God today I needed to hear something good and here you are!  Believe it and it will be NEGATIVE wahoo and good for you be proud and smile an let us know!  I hope I get to Dance that Dance.
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Congratulations many millions of times Susan. YEAH!!!!!!!!!! You have been my rock more than you know. Your courage determination and perseverance to complete your treatment has been astounding. I am so genuinely happy for news. You absolutely are remarkable. PERFECT!
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I am so happy for you!!!! *tear

Congratulations on finishing treatment!!

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i'm happy for you that you've reached the EOT.  can't wait to see your SVR post.  best wishes.  belle
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Congratulations, and I am sure you will be UNDECTABLE .
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Very nice; congratulations.  I shared the first 24 weeks with you; stay tuned in, I am in the for the full 48.
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