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EOT! Today's the day.....

Yep today is the day I have looked forward to since beginning this arduous journey six months ago! I can't believe it is here and that I managed to persevere through all of the sides that came my way. I honestly do t think I could have done it without the support of everyone in this Community. Whether I interacted with some of you personally or not, being able to read other people's posts and the wealth of information posted was priceless. The support and encouragement I received in some of the darkest moments I have ever had gave me the strength to carry on when I would just as well have quit.

You people are incredible! Thank you!

I admire to no end those of you who have been through treatment on morethan one occasion. I KNOW I wouldn't have been able to do this treatment for 48 months and the. Have to turn around and do it again.

Tomorrow I go for my viral load test. I am praying that I remain UND.

At any rate....HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY DANCE today!
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You were delivered from God today I needed to hear something good and here you are!  Believe it and it will be NEGATIVE wahoo and good for you be proud and smile an let us know!  I hope I get to Dance that Dance.
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Congratulations many millions of times Susan. YEAH!!!!!!!!!! You have been my rock more than you know. Your courage determination and perseverance to complete your treatment has been astounding. I am so genuinely happy for news. You absolutely are remarkable. PERFECT!
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I am so happy for you!!!! *tear

Congratulations on finishing treatment!!

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i'm happy for you that you've reached the EOT.  can't wait to see your SVR post.  best wishes.  belle
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Congratulations, and I am sure you will be UNDECTABLE .
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Very nice; congratulations.  I shared the first 24 weeks with you; stay tuned in, I am in the for the full 48.
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Thanks for the kind words!

I just read over my post and do hope you could read between the typos and omitted words! LOL. I guess the brain fog will be around a bit longer!

I've arranged for a facial next week.  A little treat for my skin and soul :-)
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You climbed Mt. Everest and we were your sherpas?  As J. Granholm said:  Courage is breathtaking.  

My little grandson has only learned to say two things so far - 'no' and 'I did it".  He is never smiling when he says no but always smiling broadly when he proclaims the latter.  I think there is lesson here - 'I did it' always feels better.  Good job and welcome to the threshold of SVR land.  Yeay

You are now a member of sitting on the fence league - don't bite those fingernails.  haha  Very proud to have fought this war with you.  You are a wonderful Comrade!
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Wow, what fabulous news - I'm so happy for you! We've all treasured your posts here, and I hope we will still be seeing some of those. In another 12 weeks I'll be joining you at EOT, and hope you are still hanging around to do more of the happy dance with those of us just a little behind in the program! Best wishes for your SVR, and for a long and healthy life.
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nice going!!!!!!!!!!!....what a tough start...you'll do great....drink lots of water..it takes time to get these drugs out of your system....keep us posted...billy
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Thank God for blessing you and bringing to the end of a difficult journey.
I am overwhelmed with joy for you.
May your days now be filled with happiness and health.
I'm jumping for joy (can't really do it) that you've made it to the finish line.

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Excellent, excellent news.  You have shown remarkable strength and courage during these past 24 weeks, and have been an inspiration to so many.  That you continued to post and support others through some really difficult times has been nothing short of remarkable.  My hat is off to you, my friend.  I have no doubt that you'll SVR.  XO  - H
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Oh sweet! Congratulations! Sounds nice with the facial appointment...treat yourself nice now and be proud of what you've accomplished! ...I'm right behind you and can't wait to read more about your after tx experiences :)
Wish you all the best - and SVR
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Hey there - are you still hanging in?  You should be down to the last week or so, right?
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