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Well folks, I just finished my last pill.

Stats: Genotype 1A - was just shy of a 1 log drop at 4wks (but had my blood work 4 days early).  UND 8,12,19, & 24. Completed 28 weeks of triple therapy with Vic.

Had hemoglobin problems (lowest 8.4) and will be on procrit 2x wk for another couple of wks. I will have my EOT blood work tomorrow.

You have all been my rock and I appreciate all of your support.
God Bless all of you.
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congrats on finishing.....looking forward to SVR for you....good luck
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  Ah, congrats on completing your Tx.  I was on the same regimen, (28 weeks with Vic) and ended with a hgb of 8.8~
Good luck!  I just had my 3 months post Tx labs done...now..the wait
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Bo - positives vibes coming at you :-). Thx
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Thx - was very happy this morning that I didn't  have to gulp down a few pills :-)
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You did it!!  You did it!!  You did it!!!  I'm so happy for you!!
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Yaaaa! That is a great feeling.
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So with Boceprevir does this mean that the rule
"Patients who after 4-week peginterferon/ribavirin lead-in have less than ONE log virus drop (i.e., are interferon-resistant) should be treated with 4 + 44 (4-week lead-in with peginterferon/ribavirin followed by peginterferon/ribavirin/boceprevir for 44 weeks, for a total of 48 weeks of therapy).

Does not apply if one is UND at week eight?

I always wondered about this.

(I took Incivek so sometimes I get a little confused about the Treatment Duration for Boceprevir)

Glad EOT is finally here for you - just in time for the holidays!
Wishing and praying SVR for you (and all of us!)
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I discussed this with my hepatologist who felt that (1) I was so close to >1 log and was 4 days early on labs that most likely would have hit the mark. I was treatment naive with a fibrosis scale <2, she felt wk 8 was the driver. I was so stressed about this and she went through the sponsors the flow sheet with me which indicates "if UND at wk 8". . .  

Thanks for the well wishes everyone.

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