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Emailing 60 minutes?

Do any of you think that it would be a good idea to email the news magazine show, 60 minutes and ask them if they'd do a segment on Hep C?   I'm just wondering that if a bunch of us sent emails to them and told them that we wanted them to do a segment on it if they would take notice and do one.  We could use the argument that there's this story in the news lately about the accidentally infecting of the people in Las Vegas.  We could remind them about the fact that there are so many people infected with Hep C in the U.S. and that there doesn't seem to be alot of research $$$ spent on it.  We could point out that there have been certain stars in the media who have made public their Hep C infection (by doing this, we're not violating any confidentially of those stars since they have come out into the open and stated that they had this virus).   Are any of you interested in emailing 60 minutes?  You wouldn't have to really be telling them that you wanted to BE on their show or anything, just that you'd like to see a segment done about it.  We need more CORRECT information to be out there to the public.

This is the address that I found out about for emailing them:  ***@****    or if this gets wiped out by medhelp, just type 60m@       then, next to it, put the cbsnews  and then, next to that put the .   and then, the com.   If you know what I mean.  :)  

I'm going to try and write to them.  I hope somebody else decides to write them, too.

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Great idea.  I am having trouble on the cbs site,  Any suggestons?
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try leaving the 60m off the web address!
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If you want, you can PM me and I'll show you what I have for the email address.  I got it off of their website.  Also, the email address was in a letter to the editor in my newspaper.  I emailed them to that address and it went through and I didn't get back any error messages, so I'm guessing that it's good.   Just PM me and I'll see if I can get you going!!    I did mention about the lack of funding for the HepC research.  I sent them a list of the celebrities who have come out with their Hep C diagnosis and I sent them a link to the article about the Vegas outbreak....  all to make a point that they need to do a segment on this disease!  I figure if we can get alot of us sending in emails that they may notice it more than just my email.

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I just sent 60 Minutes an email asking them to do a story as I think it's a great idea.  I'm not as fortunate as some of you b/c I have to keep my HepC status a secret as I work for a civil service department and I can't afford to have my identity exposed.  The reason of course is due to my drug history.  I hope someone sends them a letter and even offers to be interviewed.  That doesn't mean that they would take anyone up on their offer to be interviewed, however I think it would be better received than just an anonymous person like me asking for them to do a short story or news segment.  It's not really anonymous as my name is my email address so they could easily verify that I exist as whatever.  LOL  I will share my letter and answer if I get a response.  God Bless      
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Good idea Susan .. you GO, girl!  :)  A Canuck sending in an email isn't going to do a bit of good so good luck to all of you with catching their attention.

I concur with Elaine that you might want to mention some stats such as Hep C being 4X more prevalent than AIDS and the leading cause of liver transplants in the US and Canada too for that matter.  That it's a blood-borne disease and known as the "silent killer" because people don't often display symptoms until the liver damage has progressed quite far along.  

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Trish, I have already sent my letter, yesterday, but, yes, I did include that fact in my letter.  I mentioned all of the celebrities that are listed on Wikipedia, who have 'come-out' with their Hep-C diagnosis.  (I don't know if 'come-out' is proper terminology for this, but I really don't know how else to phrase it.)    I mentioned that it is the leading cause of liver transplants and that it is more prevalent than AIDS and needs to be funded better.  I also put a link on there to the AP about the Vegas clinic thing.  They're an investigative news team, so I think if many of us send letters, that 60 min. will at least - take notice and do their own research to back up our facts.  But, my point is, LET'S make them aware that it needs to be done!  I also pointed out that this is NOT just a disease of drug-addicts.  

I've heard back from a few people who have sent out their letters, so I'm hopeful that more of you will send them as well.

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