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End of Treatment

Is there any more room on that waiting room bench?  Took my last Sovaldi and last three Ribavinin this morning - so excited - and so anxious/ scared.  I'm trying to be positive and keep a list of things to do to occupy my mind.

12 weeks seems like a long time but I remind myself that 24 weeks did too, and that passed so quickly!

I also keep reminding myself that my doctor is optomistic and that I have done everything I can to increase my chances, so, back to my question is there any more room on that bench?  : -). Pat
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Congrats on finishing. I remember the stress of waiting, as well. But the rates of success are so high, plus the knowledge that there are other excellent drugs coming up, takes some of the fear away. Chances are beyond excellent that you have seen the last of HCV. Enjoy it.
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Congratulations on finishing! Yes, there is still room on the bench. Now is the time for you to work on your recovery, and to keep your spirits up at the same time. Keep up with your routine as far as eating and drinking lots of water. It will help with your recovery—I am 30 weeks EOT now, and still find I need to keep my water intake up. It will take time for your skin and hair to recover too.  You should notice your spirits improve right away though, and energy will gradually increase too. My nurse also advised me to take vitamins too, as they helped with my skin and hair, and energy too. Check with your doc about that. Dragon Slayer on the bench!—Sandi
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Congratulations! I'm soooo happy for you...so good to hear that you will be getting your strength back to do more, remember baby steps hon.. The hard part is over now, realizing wtg isn't that easy but you will be just fine and another dragon will have gone by the wayside......
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congrats!  with me it has been 3 months and little by little i feel better and clearer and happier..
although i didn't take riba, just having the virus gone and the body not trying to fight it i think makes all the difference..
be well.
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Thanks, All for the positive comments and for the advice.  It is such a blessing, to those of us, as we reach each new stage in this battle, to have 'veteran warriors' to help us deal with the changes we experience, and to lead the way.

AWM:  You are so right that having a back-up treatment plan, in case of relapse, is very comforting.  I remember when INF was the ONLY tx and I failed to respond to that.

Sandi:  Thanks for the specifics, especially the water, AND for a seat on the Waiting Bench!  These diet/exercise changes are lifestyle changes for me - to try to help the liver be its best for possible regeneration, in case od SVR, or to help nurs it along until the next treatment, if need be.  Skin hasn't been a problem.  my hair has become more straw-like, but has not fallen out, as I expected.  Of course, it is so fine and thin as it is, I'm not sure how I would tell. lol : -)

Deb:  Wehave travelled a lot of this road together - and, of course,you are right - the hard part is done!  Waiting is always anxious time, but I have LOTS of little projects to try to keep my focus off the time involved.  Will have my EOT Labs drawn Wednesday 12-3), then not again til Week12 EOT.  Yes, it does feel like the dragon is gone, but I don't want to be over confident!

ggal:  Wow, I have been feeling so much better these last 3 or so weeks - and brain fog has been so much better, that I am afraid to contemplate what I will feel like 3 mo post tx!

again, thanks to all!  Pat
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Pat I'm also adding my Congragulations to the mix.  You really did in my opinion, handle it like a trooper.  Just thought I would mention that while on Tx we are very proactive while trying our best to beat this dragon.  Sometimes when Tx ends, you may get somewhat of a letdown or worry that you will relapse.  I do believe this especially happens to those of us that took Riba, as it does effect the endocrine system.  (Endorphins, dopamine, ect)
Should you get a case of the blues, please know that its only a temporary set back and that given time you will in the end feel better then ever!
So happy that you've done your part, and put the dragon where it belongs back in the lair.
My best to you and SVR
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Thanks for the heads-up.  I kind of understand about the blues after - Yesterday was a funny combination of elation to be done and a bluesy 'What is next?  Why isn't a marching band coming through my house?' kind of feeling.  Sounds odd, I know, but that's how I felt, and I chalked it up to end od treatment excitement/letdown.

You and all the others on the Forum have gotten me here and ALL are truly a Blessing in my life.

Again, thanks?  Pat
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Pat, the marching band is here on the forum, and really only us or someone who has gone through something similar like cancer Tx, can relate to how we feel at the end. I have become best friends with Almostsixty, who I met on this forum, and she and I have been a support for each other, even our husbands couldn't understand how we were feeling at the end. What Kim wrote about the Riba is true, it is taking a long time to get my happy back. I am 31 weeks eot now, and feel like my happy is just starting to come back. My nurse did tell me at the beginning that it takes an entire year to recover. I did an art piece of all my cards I received while on Tx as a way to commemorate my battle and victory, and to remind myself not to life for granted again. I also want to keep being a cheerleader on the forum too. So "Sevety-six trombones led the big parade…"
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Sandi: Thank you!  It is amazing to me how benefits us to read what others have gone through, we don't feel alone.  My husband has really been a terrific support - so understanding and helpfull.  But it didn't 'click' in my mind until what you said about you and AlmostSixty and hubbies.  Mine has been through two MAJOR heart attacks/surgeries.  Now I see why he can understand.  

You and Kim surely  gave me a good heads-up re aftermath.  I have been so upbeat, as I have posted, and feeling so well.  Then last night, I crashed!  I felt like I did when I hit my 5th week of tx and my Hmg dropped to 8.8.

I had read Kim's post by then, so stopped everything and went to bed! Resting today, too.  But it is good to be warned.

Thanks again!   Pat

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Pat, congrats on getting through tx. Keep busy and cheerful, no matter what happens SVR will come your way!  Good tidings to you!
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Thanks!  I am definitely keeping busy as I feel stronger again, and have a pile of small projects, books to read when I must rest.
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Hi there, I am a little late to the party but I wanted to add my congratulations to the rest
I am very happy for you.  It is such an important milestone.  Getting to the end of tx is a huge goal to reach,  
Take care of yourself, continue to drink water.
Enjoy your time
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