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Ex husband died from Hep C/Liver Cancer today...

He has had health problems for many years and I deduced back in the 90ies that he had Hep C even though he wouldn't admit it. Found out he treated two times and didn't clear. Then when he went for a liver transplant this year in AZ they found cancer and took him off the transplant list. They gave him six months two weeks ago, but I guess God had other plans....
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Hi Kathy.  I'm sorry to hear this news.  Not sure what to say to comfort you, suppose if I was there I'd much rather just give you a gentle hug and just listen...probably alot running through your mind and heart about now.  Hope you have some support for how this will impact you and my condolences to you and your ex-husband's family.

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Deepest sympathies for your loss.

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I am so sorry for your loss.  Same as what trish said wish I could give you a big hug

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Kathy.... Thanks for the post. The shocking reality of what can happen to us, really hit me. hard. Made me stop and think. I have empathy for you. Spring is here, and life go on. I wish you well !  
                                  Take Care, Pedro
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I'm very sorry for your loss.
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I am very sorry to hear about your loss.
Please take care of yourself through this difficult time.

Thinking of you and wishing you strength and peace of mind.

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Thank you for sharing this, I hope your husband finds a beneficial rebirth.  I hope you will find moments of peace
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Thank you all for your good wishes. They are much appreciated. I feel that I dodged this huge bullet, but the devastation left in the wake of this horrible disease has such far reaching effects on both the individuals suffering from and with it and the families that need them so much.
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I am sorry to hear about this loss.  It sounds like he did what he could to try and be free from Hep C and just couldn't.  If there is any comfort it is that research is bringing us closer to a better way.
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So sorry for your loss.  

This disease is truly horrible and insidious.


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That's terrible news and a truly sobering thought and a reality for all of us heppers whether you have tx'ed or not.  So sorry to hear about your man's passing!  God Bless!
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Very sorry to hear about lossing your husband! Just lost a friend to this disease , and may lose another soon
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I'm sorry for your loss Kathy. May you be given the strength to go through these difficult times.
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My hope is that you and your children have found comfort and peace through this difficult time, and my deepest sympathies are with you all.  I hope you and your children can find solace in the knowledge that hep c and hcc may have taken their father, but it can no longer take their mother... you made sure of that.  Hugs, and God bless. ~eureka
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Thank you all so much for your comforting words. They are very much appreciated!
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So sorry to hear the news Kathy... thank you for sharing and having the courage to tell it like it is. Two times tx is hard as I did 3 and didn't think I would do it again but cleared. I feel badly for you Kathy but you're still trying to encourage others it seems.
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Never knowing quite what to say, I often stay silent when offering condolences are needed.
Sorry for your loss.
After my transplant, I saw people in the liver ward that clearly weren't going to make it.

You can be thankful he went quickly.
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