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Eye Surgey

Has anyone ever went and did the lasik eye surgery,i am thinkn about getting it done,im gettn fed up with my glasses.
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No I just wear my contacts - I wanted at one time to get it when I had this incredible insurance that would have paid for it (way too expensive for me) but I knew a girl who paid cash to some doctor and then had to go back twice to get her eyes tweaked and then it never took and now she still wears her glasses......never got her money back either.......so I just deal with the bad eyes.

1-800-CONTACTS.......that is all I can afford and lucky to afford that as it is!
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I take this and still have 20/20 vision.

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I had Lasik 2.5 years ago. Did the mono thing. One for reading one for distance.  The Dr over corrected both eyes and I could not see crap for a year.  Had to have PRK on the distance eye a year ago.  Some what better now.  Still need glasses for reading.  Do the Dr research before getting it done.  No matter what you will still need glasses at some point.  
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classic episode! Perhaps the vegameetavitamins are what got you to stage 3! LOL
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I am sure you know to be careful about who does this kind of surgery. I have heard lots of horror stories as you probably have too. I've also heard some great success stories with this kind of surgery.
- Dave
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Thanx for your answers,Tiger Woods has done the lasik,just thought it was safe,but i have been reading some bad things too,ill think ill wait a bit longer as it is still relativity new thing
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I did it a year ago, Lasik MD, brilliant for me. I recommend it.

One thing, I am SVR. I foolishly told them I had had Hep C, so they waited until I was the last patient before I was treated. A bit dumb, because if you think about it, they don't test all the patients before to see if they might have hep C.

So, don't tell them. Otherwise, good luck, it can be amazing.

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i have been researching and the suc.k.cess rates are over 99%
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I had it done years ago.  Also, the mono vision.  But during tx my eyes got really bad for close-up reading I now need reading glasses.  But, even when I had the lasik they told me someday I would need reading glasses.  I've been reading that that may be corrected.  Now that I'm off the tx I'm going to make an appointment soon and look into it.
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I had it done about 4 years ago. Right eye came out perfect 20/20. The left eye he had trouble replacing the flap correctly. I actually had a bit if fragmenting of the tissue around the flap and had to have that corrected. The left eye ended up at 20/30 and now over time it seems to have settled down a lot. The last eye exam came back 20/25. I had both eyes corrected for distance and I still need glasses for close-up. I'm pretty satisfied with the results though. I no longer need glasses for driving, the TV, the movie theater, looking out at the beach, star-gazing. It's really good not having to have glasses close at hand when you wake up in the morning. I remember having left my glasses somewhere and gone to bed. When I awoke I couldn't remember were I put my glasses and I couldn't see well enough to find them easily. I had to get my wife to help me.
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Have you tried tea tree oil? Or virgin coconut oil? Or lavender oil?
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I had the old RK done back in 84.  Still have great vision and mine was 20/450 in both eyes prior.  go for it.
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