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Feeling like a new person...

It's only been a week since finishing txing, and I feel like a new person! I don't ache anymore...No nausea...No itching...I can remember stuff...I don't go places and forget why I'm there...(You may laugh, but it's too true...) ...and the mood swings seem to be gone! (No snarling or spontaneous bawling!) I even have a bit of interest in the Hubby again! (Bow wow chicka chicka bow wow! LOL.) Now I can hardly wait for the hemoglobin to come up so I can have a bit of stamina to do something! ...Maybe I can salvage a bit of the summer yet! ...Now, the dreaded 6 month wait before true celebration...                                                            ~Melinda
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Why wait - I say we should celebrate every day.  That way in 6 months we'll be all warmed up and ready to rock the house!!!

SVR to us both and rootbeers for the house!

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Thank you so much for the positive post. Those of us in the dregs of TX need to hear those kind of things. JD is right! Celebrate each day as you feel better. SVR is around the corner for you!
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I'm soooooooo celebrating for you - I think you're both FANTASTIC.  Thanks for your informative and sanity-saving posts (Melinda - you gave me tips on what to watch out for with thyroid as mine's starting to suffer).    

My hubby is being sooooo sweet; I have such admiration for how he's supporting me;  I can't wait to pay it forward :-).  Enjoy!!!

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hey...thanks girl ...i needed this post it giving me the lil extra push to go on iwas ready to through in the towel so many times but i come to the forum and read a few post and see im not by myself ..i have a whole army fighting this same fight
thanbks so much guys for support
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I agree...why wait???  I am celebrating for you right  now!  Congratulations on getting through this and getting back to life without pills and shots!

Thanks to you both for sharing along the way.

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congrats on finishing your tx and YES, I concur -- I felt sooooo much better after stopping the tx and stamina did come back.  Did you treat for 24 weeks, 48, or more?  I just posted on other forum but I just finished 1 yr mark with UND.  My doctor did not order me a 3 month post blood work, just 6 months.  I went back to her and told her I wanted the 3 month and she wrote that for me.  Good Luck to You.
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Glad you are feeling better.  It's so hard to see the forest for all the trees when we are in the throws of tx.  Wishing you SVR and continued good health.
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congrats to you and  j d as a beginner who have not treated yet, i thank all of everyone in the forum, for all the encouragement, all the knowledge and wisdom, for giving me faith to go on in this fight.  love you all. medmommy thank you esp. for showing me the way to handle my business. bill 1954, thank you for listening and directing my problems, directing me into tx. i feel like you guys are my family.(wiping tears) i have a whole year of tx . thanks for strengthening me .
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Glad you are doing well so quickly.  I am post a little over 3 months and feeling great as well.  Really makes you feel grateful to feel "normal".    

Wishing you SVR forever and celebrate every day!

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I am so glad to hear how well you are feeling. I hope your husband has an alarm set for when hemoglobin gets above 11!

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That is SOOOOO beautifully amazing!!!! I am so happy for you. May you fly towards SVR.

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"No snarling or spontaneous bawling!"  As long as you're feeling better, start mending fences. It's make you feel even better when people know you feel better. (There's actually some sense in there somewhere).  I think you said you had some back-to-work decisions to make, too. Don't rush.
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So glad to hear that it's now the 'new and improved' mommy!  It's great to hear you're feeling good... and getting the stamina back to do 'something'...?...
Look out, daddy! lol.  

And borrowing a page from jd's book... a tune for the occasion.



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I think we all needed to hear that, so many times others have had a hard time after Tx that i know i think "will i ever be the same" reading your post was just what I needed to hear!!!  
Also agree, CELEBRATE now and in six months!!!  

(my husband was also happy to hear that you feel better (chicka chicka bow wow) lol!!!

Go out dance and eat some good food and just have fun!!!

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Yay!  I'm excited to here you are finished with tx and doing so well after just one week!  I do hope you feel well enough to enjoy the rest of the summer.  SVR wishes coming your way!

take care......Darla
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......I don't go places and forget why I'm there...(You may laugh, but it's too true...)

Oh noooo, I remember that well (Now!), lol. Left in the middle of app.'s!

SO glad your feeling good fast! Hope you recover quickly and you'll be surprised how fast that 6 mths. goes....as mines almost here!
Keep in mind the 12 wk. is a very good one also, still UND then you odd's are fantastic. Even just 4 wks labs. Every one add's up to better odds.

Jd......cheer, cheer for you too! So happy your done and healing up and done with this chapter!  I am sooooo wishing you years of health ahead and NO tx's, none, nadda, no more!

SVR wishes & Hugs to you ladies, LL
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Congrats and I am glad to hear you are feeling better since treatment is done. It sounds like hubby is glad too (Bow wow chicka chicka bow wow! LOL.)!!! It is nice to hear their is light at the end of the tunnel for us all.
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Bow wow chicka chicka bow wow at my house too!  Life is grand!

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Congratulations! I am so happy for you. :)
proud48  (aka sadd)
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wow, did that thread make me happy, i mean SO happy. thanks for sharing.
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What an inspiration!!!   I just know  6 months will be the end of your tunnel!!!!  Oh to have a memory again must be grand!!! LOL  
Wait..Who are you??? Oh yhea
CARPE DIEM medicmommy!!!!

Dragon T.
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Glad your feeling better, but watch out for the dead cat bounce. Meaning, you dead stopped the meds and there is a void at the moment and when this void window is closed there will be a rippling effect with in your system, Congrats on the finishing.

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