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Filling in the Blanks

This is an update from the post I did in May:
My dear medhelp buddies,
  Thanks to all of you who wrote to me for your kind thoughts, and uplifting words. Lets all lift our water bottles and share a toast to good health!!

  It's been less than a month  since we returned to California.
My time is spent mostly sleeping, walking and eating! My daily walks are delightful and becoming longer and easier all the time.
Our big excursions are early morning drives over the bridge to S.F. for blood work and/or to see my Boywonder doc who is informative, seeming to be more up on tps than Hep C. Perhaps more is known about them?

My sweet hubby shop and cooks, keeping my ravenous appetite fulfilled.

I delight in eating what I've not eaten in several years~ delicious mouth watering bacon sandwiches, dill pickles, chicken, salsa, and more and more.
Now where is that lady selling fresh tamales?

Cherries are ripe and the local farmer’s market  (as well as the Asian produce shop) supplies us with healthy veggies and fruit.

   I'd rather not linger on the sad condition of the Late Great State of California.  It is a mess.
When do we get to terminate this governator?

Ironically, I just got internet where I'm staying. For the most part, I'm staying away from the computer other than checking email and typing my memories from Taiwan.
I am feeling well and continue to be grateful for simple pleasures: the clarity of the air after the fog lifts, the color blue in the sky, the flowers whose names I am recalling, and the reflections in the lake which I view from the terrace or out the dining room window. .
Even my vision has improved~ literally !!!

Keep smiling,
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Thanks for the update.  So glad to hear you are doing well.

Wishing you all the best,

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Glad to hear you are getting stronger and feeling better!!!

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I have just recently read that you had gone to Taiwan for a TP.  I am so glad that your daughter was able to give you part of her liver and the TP was a success.  Thanks for checking into this forum with an update. I have always enjoyed your posts.

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Dear One,

Thanx for counting some of your blessings.  This is very good.  I salute you.  You reminded me to do the same so here it goes -

Gentle rain, calm night, pacified heart, self pats on back for trying, being able to see the oak leaves as separate hands instead of green blurrs.  People like you that remember though we might feel forgotten.  

Keep up the good views.  I will try to do the same Comrade.

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It's great to hear that you're doing so well. Thanks for updating us. You've been on our minds a lot lately.
Be well,
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Im elated to hear you are enjoying the pleasures of life now. So grateful you are feeling well.
Prayers and peace always.

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Dearest OH we were just talking about you the other day and hoping you were doing as well as you seem to be.

All of our thoughts and prayers ARE with you and we pray all the best in life for you and your family. What a wonderful husband you have you are truly blessed.

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I'm inspired to read your positive thoughts and know how beautiful the color blue in the sky seems if we take time to take it in.

I hope that lady selling tamales shows up soon. Tamales, cherries and dill pickles...hmmm, yum.  Hmmm, triple yum.

Best regards and wishes,


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Lovely to hear you sounding so well!  I think of you often.  

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I am so happy that you are home and enjoying life and getting better as each day passes.  I really enjoyed reading your post!  Makes you stop, think and wonder...

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My God what you miss when you go MIA from here awhile!

I didn't know your daughter donated, you went to Taiwan....what an incredible story. How terrible it is tho, that many can't get so many needed medical procedures, care here :(

I tried to find out more, saw nothing in your journals, etc. Anywhere else you have written about it all? That's amazing on 0% failure on TP's in Taiwan!!

Very happy you are doing so well, it all worked out for you. I wish you the best in healing and getting your health and life back. And that you are enjoying little things, life again.

And my best to your daughter also. She has to be one wonderful girl!

healing hugs ....LL
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Thanks everyone, you guys make me smile!
I tend to paint a rosy picture as is my nature. In reality, I take two giant steps forward and a baby step or two backwards. My wise daughter advised looking at progress from week to week rather than day to day.

Lady Lauri, The donor mortality rate at the hospital I went to is none. I don't know what it is for the recipient. My concern was mostly for the donor. I wasn't going to make it without a tp. I didn't want to put my donor, daughter or not, at risk.
I have to say, they do a lot of live livers tps there and have the donor part down pat. She wasn't even sewn up, they used tape, no scar.

And yes, appreciate what beauty and goodness there is in the world. Turn off the t.v. or the net when you feel that fear machine effecting you. Lets focus on the better parts of life!

happily,      OH
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It is so great to hear you are back and doing well. It is a miracle, like a new life. I can not imagine how difficult and life altering this must be for you and your daughter. Love has no bounds!

I bet you spend a part of each day making sure you are taking the right meds at the right time also. I know that was my first occupation when I first got home.

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Tou sound like some one with a hope and a future.
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Actually, I joke that my life consists of swallowing pills, eating, sleeping, swallowing pills, taking walks,swallowing pills, eating, swallowing pills etc. ad naseum.
I have alarms set in my cell phone. Now, when someone calls I think I should swallow pills. Just call me Pavlov's Dog.
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