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Hi All,  As I am typing with my head hung low from being not sharing sooner.   I just wanted to say that there is hope.  I know this is not a one size fits all situation but I am 1 year Post Treatment now and all is good.   Liver Panel is great, and RNA Quant came back Negative.   So I am grateful and just want to tell all of you who are still going through the journey there is still hope.   And the last year has not been so easy for me to back on my feet but every day is better and I am getting healthier and clearer in my thought process.   All the residual side effects are leaving my body and I have so much hope for the future.    I could not have done this without my Hep C Fam, so a Big Warm Heartful of Thanks to All Of YOU !     Praise the LORD !  I am Healed, and I wish the same for each and every one of You.   Much Love,   XOXOXOXO
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This is wonderful news to hear. Congratulations on attaining SVR!

Glad to hear that the side effects are leaving and that you are feeling better. Enjoy your new Hep C free life.

Take a look at Frijole's spreadsheets and look at all of the SVRs on the spreadsheets. (the white sheets in her photo section on her profile page)

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So glad to hear from you I feel like a stranger on here.   I have been so busy over the last year it has been crazy.  Each day gets better and I still have some issues but nothing like the past.   I am so Greatful     ...  Kisses and hugs xoxoxoxoxo
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Congratulations, and thank you for sharing the great news!
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nice story!....funny how long it can take to get back in shape and normal feeling....i think its important for folks out there that have had lots of symptoms to not get too anxious post tx ....have fun riding!....billy
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Hey Livin, good to hear from you.  So glad that you are one year post treatment and well.  Don't feel like a stranger, post often!  :)
Onward to a healthy Hep C free life!
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Nothing like hearing from a friend who started and finished the same treatment on the same days.  We made it girl!  I couldn't have done it without you for our mutual support we gave each other.  There will always be a special place in my heart for you.

Hugs and Kisses back girl! Now get out there and ride those ponies!!! I know I have been!
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So happy for your results after the fight of your life!!!  I am proud and in awe of the strength required to commit to the battle.  This is some special unfortunate club, but I learned a valuable energy and that energy was you and our comrads.  Congratulations.
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congratulations and very well done x
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You deserve this! I'm so happy for you! I'm almost a year out also. I'll think of you grabbing life and giving it your best. In a way it's like being born again after tx. We get a second chance. Karen:)
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