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For Trinity

Well, I have many questions and concerns, however this is a site for Hep C.  I also have OCD, and as it seems this forum seems to be a common site for us OCD patients to get answers and reassurance.  It is funny because I am a Nurse.  A really great one at that, but after having my childern I went into panic and paranoia about Hep C and HIV.  I know all the facts and forms of transmissions, however you can beat an OCD patient over the head with facts but it will only give us peace of mind for a small bit..Anyway, this post is to thank Trinity for her patience with the many many OCD patients who look at this site for answers to our silly-to-you guys questions that place us in a state of extreme paranoia and fear for days and days and days.  Our need for constant reassurance is so annoying but necessary for us to function day to day.  So again my post is to give thanks for Trinity and all of you persons that are so patient and helpful when we need our constant reassurance.  I understand you are all dealing with issues regarding your own health and troubles, but seeking help from an OCD site can only  make matters worse.  If you get  my drift.  Thanks Again.
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Really?  i need an Xanax
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No, this is NOT the place to come for OCD issues.
This is for hep C only.
We tell OCD people who are afraid that they may have hep C to get tested and move on.
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Some of these post are brand new members
Trin moved on a while ago.  This does not seem like something
she would help with?  She did help a heck of a lot of people with HCV.

I mean why now? males no sense.
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Hi Elaine. It's been a while since I've been around. Hope you are doing well. And hope that everyone else is doing well under the circumstances they are in.

Renee probably looked into a bunch of old threads, who knows.

I so agree that this is not a place to come for OCD, Orphanedhawk. People here have enough on their plates dealing with Hep C, treatments, side effects, advanced liver disease, significant others with this disease, etc., to be having to also constantly deal with people who keep on posting their unfounded anxieties of having contracted Hep C through impossible means.

I would suggest to really get serious about having the underlying psychological issues which lead to OCD treated. No offense to anyone who has OCD, I know it is a difficult disorder to overcome, but this IS a Hep C forum. I'm far from being an expert on this matter, but there are professionals who are and those are the ones who should be consulted. Not this forum.

Hugs to everyone

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Marcia great to see you!

And unfortunately this is not a place for someone with OCD - we dont know anything about it, we are just HCV patients and friends.
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First of all, I was not asking for  help from anyone.  I was merely giving thanks to a kind person that took the time to help many people.  As obvious to all of the non compassionate selfish people who made nasty comments, Trinity would not have.  I am a nurse that takes care of patients with Hep C and I understand the damage it can do and have an immense amount of compassion for patients that suffer from it.  Patients look to this site for help because discussing issues with people who are facing the disese head on often  make a patient with OCD realize that they do not need to be so afraid of people with the disease.  It personalizes it and gives reassurance to those who need it.  If you are bothered by people posting questions regarding the issue ignore it.  If it is not posted to you do not worry about it.  Sorry but you were all rude!!!!  Hopefully you are all never treated so uncompassionately because you are ill.  Sad
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I am so sorry.  Please forgive the rudeness, many are on treatment and taking their frustrations on others.  It was nice of you to thank Trinity (guys there may be more than one Trinity) or if you did not type the name exactly right it was still nice of you to thank the person who helped you.
( I think there are days when "if you have nothing nice to say you should keep your hands off the keyboard)
Responses like this do not make the forum look like a nice place to visit.
Perhaps I did not notice before but since when is it ok to jump on someone who did nothing more than thank someone?
"In the end only kindness matters:
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Please realize it's a HCV room for people suffering from HCV.  It's not a room to console people with OCD.  It's frustrating enough for us to suffer from an illness that has a social stigma attached to it.  Throw in a person with OCD who can't get the facts and move on, and asks the same question over and over. people tend to lose their patients.  You might want to consider it's kind of selfish of you to come here for care.  Wouldn't it be better to talk to people with OCD about why you may refuse to accept the facts about HCV.  We have enough battles on our hands without the added burden of dealing with OCD victims.
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Hi everyone -

This thread is closed.  While it's nice to thank someone, Trinity did move on awhile ago, and it is important to note that this community can not specifically help with OCD issues.  

We are glad you received some good info from our site, and please consider seeking some support in our OCD Community.  They can't assess your risk for HIV or Hep C, but can offer great support and info for living with OCD.

We apologize if people seemed rude. Please remember that it has to be frustrating to hear that someone is afraid of you because of an illness you have.



   *****************************  CLOSED THREAD  ******************************
                                   NO MORE POSTS, PLEASE
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