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Friends I have never met

Hello to all!  I have not been here in months!  I have been doing my best to live life to the fullest so I have been very busy!  I feel like I have been given a do over so to speak.  I saw this posted somewhere and wanted to share it because this forum and the people I went through treatment with were who I thought of when I read it.   I have been declared cured of HCV since October  2012 when I got my six month post treatment test results back non detected.  I also got tested again 1 year post just to put it to rest.   The treatment and side effects of being on the incivek triple therapy for 48 weeks are becoming a distant memory.  But the people here wont ever be.  I think of you often and thank God for you.  I would not have been able to endure it all without you.  You made me laugh you made me cry you gave me hope.  You know who you are!  Im feeling great!  Loving life Hep-C Free!  I love you all and wish you the best!  THANK YOU!!
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what a heartfelt post!  Life for my husband has been much the same. I would not have gotten through the fear, the long nights of worry, the difficulty with watching him struggle through every single day, without this forum and the strength of its members.  A big thank you from me, too.  So glad you are happy and healthy, and I pray the same for all who come here.
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Hey there, love seeing you here, I will never  forget the time we all treated.
This place was so instrumental to my finishing tx.
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