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GI issues post TX

question I ahve a friend who is 16 months post TX, hep 1B, 6 month therapy.
she has had chronic GI issues, anywhere from bloating to IBS type syptoms. didn't have any before TX. although they did begin to occur during treatment.
has anyone else experienced this? theorys?
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i am 1.5 year post 2 (never knew b or c), 3 wks shy of 6mth tx.  the only remaining sx that i am aware of is GI, recently dx with IBS-C, I get gas, bloating, extreme discomfort at times, still trying to figure it out.  this was not an issue at all prior to tx.

my thoughts, the medication upset body flora is my first thought, i at times think about "leaky gut syndrome" might be an answer...i think diet will help or maybe I am allergic to foods that were once not a problem to me...
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