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Going sailing!!!

We leave in a couple days for a week of sailing in the BVIs!  Having spent two winters sailing there, it feels a bit like going home.  We will see some friends that we made while we were last there and sail on the boat of one of them.

If you don't own a boat, having friends with them is a close second - otherwise known as OPB: other people's boats.  I am hoping that with my new found energy and strength, I will really enjoy the snorkeling and sailing.  I am also hopeful that this will finally allow my emotional state to recover along with my physical state and maybe even get a good not sleep!

We will land in Tortola and our friends will pick us up at the airport with their dinghy.  This is the only airport that I am aware of that allows you to walk out of the terminal walk onto a dock and get into a boat!  So I look forward to a week with no economic, political or health worries and just having fun.
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By the way, My photo is of Marina Cay an island about 2 miles from the airport in Tortola.
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What's you policy on stowaways?  I'm a happy woman on Virgin Gorda, or any of the little spots in BVI.  You will hardly know I'm there!

I think the airports there are the greatest.  Off the plane, get your luggage out of the belly and you're off. VIJ is similar to EIS.

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Enjoy Eric. Try to forget how wrong you were on Obama!
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have a great time!!
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"Enjoy Eric. Try to forget how wrong you were on Obama"

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I love Virgin Gorda.  North Sound is one of my favorite places to hang out in the BVIs.

Where do you stay when you are there?
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Little Dix Bay is my favorite. (the former Rockresort)
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Ahoy, Matey!!

I want to come....it's been too cold here.  Sunshine sounds really good right about now.

Of course, it would probably set off some kind of riba rash, lol!!

Enjoy..take lots of pictures for us =)
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Oh, it sounds wonderful and so does a peaceful nights sleep!!  I'm sure that it will come when your on the boat and the waves are rocking you back and forth.  Next week is the full moon, so beware..........no howling!  Have fun!!!  Judi
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Full moon!  There is nothing like a full moon in the tropics; you can read by it.  There is a beach bar in Tortola called the Bomba Shack, that has a full moon party.  They serve a brew made from local mushrooms that are illegal to sell, but you can give them away.
They charge $10 for the cup though.  People come from all the neighboring islands for the party and it is really wild.

I am just an observer and have been for many years, but it is still fun for me to go.

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Enjoy Eric!  Sounds beautiful and wonderful and you deserve this...leave everything behind and soak it all up.  Happy for you!!

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lol OPB's are awesome.  my dad used to go deep sea fishing in OPB's and come back with a hideously dark farmer's tan in just one day!  have fun and make sure you use sunscreen!
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Yes, to be a stowaway in your baggage....But I'd have to bring all these danged tx drugs too, wouldn't I?  

I did a week long scuba cruise in the Bahamas a few years ago, it was such a pleasure to be out on the boat for the week, no shopping, all our fun was had on the boat and in the water.  Your trip sounds fabulous.  Perhaps I should plan something similar for a celebratory trip.  Now I have ideas...

I trust you'll have a wonderful time, and will look forward to hearing your stories.

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I was wondering about that "Full Moon Tea", I think you should buy a cup;  maybe a gallon or two.  If you drink a cup a day, maybe you'll start feeling better again.  Who knows?  At least you'd be so high you wouldn't know that you felt like sh*t.  Of couse, this would be for medical purposes only................................trial study.

Have a fun weekend!  I'm sure jealous and I live in Florida.......bet you snowbirds are drooling!!!
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Have a great time and snorkel away.

You remain an inspiration to me,

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boy, am I envious!  I was jjust online trying to plan a trip for when I am done,,,,and we are looking at a boat charter either in the bahamas or bvi.  Do you think I will be okay phsically to attempt this 2 months after treatment?  I think I should, but don't know!!

any boat charter places you recommend?  


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Ahhh...that sounds awesome. For us shmucks, we will have to live vicariously through you. SO enjoy, take lots of pictures and come back with lots of stories to share.

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Glucklich:  How ahave you been my friend.  I missed you all these months!

Jean:  Based on my experience, you should be able to really enjoy sailing.

Cathy:  No shmucks here!  I guess the medhelp censors missed this one - LOL.

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I would be a little jealous, but there is a storm on the way here that will dump 2 to 3 feet of fresh powder in the Wasatch Mountains tomorrow. I'd take 36" of Wasatch powder on a 40 degree slope anyday! Unfortunately I am not any any shape to avail myself of this particular storm, or sailing for that matter. I guess I'll enjoy the sailing vicariously through you, Eric. Be sure to post updates when you are not busy soaking up the rays or enjoying Carribean cuisine!

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Hang in there Brent.  I hope we meet on the high seas one day!

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If we do (meet on the high seas), I'll probably the one leaning over the gunwales pouring out my land-lubber guts! :-)

To err is human, to arrrrgh is pirate!

Good sailing, friend.

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Hello friend,

I struggle. Each day is new and sadly each day is old. Since my failure in the trial- I was undetecable -, I worked until the virus robbed me of my chisel.I cannot think super logically and cleanly. I went from creative to a bumbler in a space of a year. virus just began to rage. Now I am losing all sense of time and still cannot think well. I had a complete nuero pysch exam and it showed a specialized reduction of ability. S***.
But all is not lost. I am on shots only and losing a lot of pounds ( 280 - 240 so far) I am with the best folk on the planet and I of course suggest that once I am at 180 or so we should kill this beast with whatever cannon is around. OK I am close to begging,
This disease is too wiley clever for a simple man like me.
48 weeks free- how fast time goes. Have a blast with life!
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Hello to you my friend.

I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.  I know the disappointment and bad feelings all too well.  

I am confident that with your attitude and all the new treatments about to be unleashed that you will join me in SVR and we will have a grand party to celebrate!
Take care,
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bout time somebody in this lousy gin joint got to have some fun.!!!

Glad it gets to be you, you deserve it!!  (Take that you old lousy virons!! )

just be careful out there....and learn to like sushi....


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