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HAPPY and HEALTHY 17 mo. post-tx

Been thinking of all of you on your journey now, the TXers; got the newsletter and thought it might be a good time to check in. Some of you may remember me, I used to be a regular a couple years ago. I'm clear now and will never look back again, hepC is mostly just a distant memory to me. But the profound changes it made in my life will be forever. Somehow I'm better today than I've ever been; happier, content, willing to take life as it is and enjoy every moment. The experience of TX will give that to you, I remember the HELL and appreciate the short term memory loss.
I want to give all of you on your journey HOPE, because some of you are going to be clear FOREVER and your life will be profoundly changed because of what you have been through. I hope you take this opportunity to make it better, recovery is not overnight. It took me a while but I can say now I feel and look better than I have felt in 5 years. Many life changes happened also; ended a relationship, got a new job, all for the best although sometimes it didn't seem so fun at the moment.
Just want to let everyone know you can get your life back, and sometimes even better than before.

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Thanks for the post.  You sound fantastic.  I'm very happy for you and hope to join your club in the near future.

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Good to see you stop by. I know that treatment was very difficul for you and it's gratifying to see that things worked out so well eventually. I'm a little ahead of you -- 21 months post tx -- and UND as of 12 months post. FLGuy, who I'm sure you remember, just received his 3 month post tx UND today. It was his second go around.

All the best,

-- Jim
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I remember you!  I used to be "OnAPrettyPoison" but now I am "PrettyPoisonNoMore" since I am also done treating!  I am more than one year post, and feel great!  It does take awhile.  I am glad you came back and posted how you are doing.  Glad you are well!
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I remember you...it's so encouraging to read posts like yours...and we need all the encouragement we can get...thanks for your post...
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cougareyes -- did a double take when I saw your name.  It has been a long long time.  I am so glad you reached SVR.  I remember - you started about when I did in the summer of 2005 - that you had some very rough times.  I think you had to stop working.  I am glad to see that you have got your health  back and your spirits are soaring.

be well,
frijole (friole)  

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Hey cougar. Me too - I remember you so well. Really nice to hear things have gone so well. Take good care and enjoy the new you....
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Fantastic. Yes it is a difference being post from treatment. It has been 14 months since TX for me. I agree, life is now a day to day thing with me. Never was that way prior to the treatment. Ribo and needles -- but now I have a life to live and I am grateful for that.  I also had a real hard time during that long year. It is all over now - The Hep is gone - I'm very thankful for all of you. Everyone, please have a good holiday. God Bless.    Hello frijole, Forseegood -- remember me. I still have the post hives! Anyway, take care. I'm always reading and seldom writing.
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Great news cougar, glad all is going well for you. I remember what a rough ride you had during tx. Best to you

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I am soooo happy for you, congratulations on your success in life!  I

Your words are comforting to hear and what a success story!

After reading posted comments, one minute I am thinking I am going to die or end up in a wheelchair and then I get my optimism back by reading positive comments like yours that keep me going...

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good of you to come in and share this now....it's the Christmas cheer we all most need to hear.
Here's to your survival....live long and prosper!!!
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