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HCC treatment results from May 1st treatment

Treatment fails, again…

After two chemoembolization treatments (local chemo therapy and cutting off blood supply to tumor) my liver tumor continues to grow and AFP increases despite the best efforts of my cancer treatment team. This tumor is an aggressive bugger and continues to find a way to thrive even under circumstances that would normally destroy most liver cancer tumors.

Now is the time to take another approach.

The Plan - 'Terminate with extreme prejudice'!!!

I will be having Percutaneous Ethanol Injection (PEI) treatments. “Percutaneous” meaning through the skin. Alcohol because it causes tumor destruction by dehydrating the tumor cells and pure alcohol also blocks blood flow to the tumor by causing the tumor’s blood vessels to clot which leads to tumor death.

It will be “interesting” having an ultrasound guided needle stuck through my chest and into my liver’s tumor in order to destroy it. Think “Pulp Fiction”. Since this is almost pure alcohol (think Bacardi 151 +) flambing the tumor may be an option also!

Whatever it takes!!!

"We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails."
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That's a lot to take in.  And that is one bada## tumor.  When does PEI start?

Warm greetings from the other side of the Golden Gate, as much as I muster to keep your dukes up.
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Wow, the PEI does sound interesting. Squeeze that sucker dry... to die. I sure hope this is the plan that works. Keep up that positive attitude.
And thanx for the update as many are waiting to hear,
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You are gonna make it to prove for the rest that you can win! Keep positive energy going and I snd MORE prayers!
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It is a "bad a$$ tumor" but it is facing one bad a$$ guy.

You *will* beat this.
Much love and admiration, as always.
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I would like to add to Rivil, you are a bad A$$ dude and will beat this.
Yes Pulp Fiction is exactly what I was thinking.
When will you have this done?
My thoughts and prayers are with you
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Howie, " you keep adjusting those sails".  You  are so right,  that old wind has the tendency to try to sweep us away!!!!!  It's up to us and our crew to tact in and out of danger. Hector, from what I have seen over the last few years, you are a strong and willing Captian. It is entirely  possiable that you have  the very best crew in the entire world!!!!!!!! I know your first mate is world renown!!!!
Thinking about you all the time!
P.S. Yesterday I finished my last pill in Gilead 24 week  Sofo riba trial post liver tranx with cirrortics. Thank you again for the heads up on that trial. I cannot thank you enough for all the help you so kindly gave me!!!!!!
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Please let us know when you're going to have this done and how it goes. I check here every day to see if there's news about you, and I'm sure many of us do the same. If anyone can get through this , you can.
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Love to you Hector........take care and all the best to you......

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you just keep amasing me your strength is unbeleivable you keep adjusting the sails and come to port my thoughts and prayers are with you lots of love and admiration Jules& the WHOLE OF ENGLAND xx
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I know you'll keep fighting!!! Thanks from all of us for explaining the PEI process! We're on your team!!!!!!

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Admire your spirit and courage, Hector!
Wishing you the very best.
You have to win this fight and you will win!

Thanks for being such an inspiration to all of us.

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You are a very brave man.  You amaze me with your strength and fight and will to keep on keeping in the fight!  Blessings,     Susan400
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I see your winning attitude and sense of humor are intact. I want to grow up to be like you in those ways. Still praying for a miracle for you.
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I will be your cheerleader screaming from the sidelines, day and night
" go PEI,
kill that tumor,
go, fight,  win !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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Still sending strength and lots of positive thoughts along with prayer
your way my friend.

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Wowie zowie Howie (please excuse, its probably a tired old phrase to you but I've never gotten to use it), that sounds like a tough tx. I hope, hope, hope it works without causing too much collateral damage. It may be a badass tumor, but it has chosen a really badass guy to try to take down. I think it has met it's match.

All of us here on the forum have been putting lots of our good thoughts and prayers out there for you Howie, now maybe we should all come together in seriously visualizing that tumor shrinking away to non-existance. Let us know when you are having this procedure so we can all try to focus our energies on you and against it right at the same time, okay?
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Let us know when you are having this procedure so we can all try to focus our energies on you and against it right at the same time, okay?
Please do let us know.
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Sending you all my love and prayers, Howie.  You are an inspiration to me and so many others <3
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Best wishes for success.  Thoughts and prayers are with you from Texas.  You are a true inspiration.
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What a great idea, we could all visualize the tumor shrinking

Howie I am praying for you every day, you are always on my mind


Go fight win!!!!
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Dear Howie's Tumor,

Hit the road!!  You're not welcome in Howie's liver anymore!!  Shrivel up and die, you sorry @*%$^*@($!!!!

All of Howie's friends!!!
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Count me in on the prayers and visualizations, ladies!!  

Oh, Howie, this was not the news we wanted but you are amazing and I agree with the others...if anyone can do this, you can!!  Do let us know the date and time of your next procedure and I will "be" there with the others, cheering for you, seeing the tumor meet its end.  Think Terminator!!!

Love and hugs coming your way...
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You're still education us, having hep c or being cleared,we still have to watch for liver cancer. Sending you positive thoughts and energy to beat this. I think you've suffered enough and it's time to get a break. Everyone is pulling for you. Thanks for keeping us updated on your condition.I truly admire you....
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As of now I am scheduled for Percutaneous Ethanol Injection (PEI) treatment on Thursday at about 9-9:30 am Pacific daylight savings time. I am trying to get in earlier if someone cancels.

I will update if it changes.
Thank you all you caring people! I feel better already!!!
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