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HCV, can we have one united front?

This question centers around the "stigma" that is attached to the HepC virus and what are we willing to do about it to start a movement which is actually moving forward?  To adequately get to the bare bones facts about this virus we have to look at some variables.  First question is who is contracting this virus?  In comparison to the HIV virus which was proven to be a gay "male" disease.  This virus has more people who are stretched across a wider spectrum or divide, you have one category which is predominately IV drug users, then you have a class on the complete opposite  side of the spectrum like "non risks" individuals.  Also, you have eveyone else caught in the middle who doesn't fit into any of these two catagories, but nonetheless they are infected wih HCV as well.  Anyways for time constraints let's just stick to the most troublesome, "the big divide".  My point is very clear, what are we gonna do to have these two catagories become one united front?  God Bless      
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I don't think it's really between us - those who have had hep it's the 'real world' and they don't care for the most part.  They won't care until they get it or a loved one of theirs gets it then they will see how ridiculous it is to throw stigma and blame and guilt on people without any question.

Just like HIV was considered the "gay men's disease" people eventually did begin to realize that was no longer true and it had spread to the wives at home.......hopefully people will start to realize that it's all about having a disease and not how you got it.
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In comparison to the HIV virus which was proven to be a gay "male" disease.
Hi Fretboard,
First off, HIV was not proven to be a "gay male" disease. That is what some politicians "put out there," which really started with a "leader" at the time - the movie star pres I am talking about. And just as a footnote - I happen to have liked that pres and I am what some would label a 'right winger,' BUT, I call it when I see it and this was wrong -his attitude, of "well they deserve to die, they sinned" - that was the message that came thru as far as I am concerned. And that was pretty sad.

Being I was in an industry that is predominately gay male(hairdresser) - I lost many friends and 2 bosses, all of whom I was very close to and all because, IMO, the 'monies' got a late start due to "oh its THEM - who cares" attitude. Very sad thing to happen and things such as this is why I can't stand most politicians on either side of the fence, but at least I admit when those on the side of the fence where I usually stand are wrong, when in fact I see that they are wrong.

Okay, so here's my thoughts >my opinionmy opinionmy opinionIMOIMO.< Heppers don't want this disease to be looked at as an STD. Many of us most likely did NOT get this thru sexual transmission, BUT IF this does get a label of STD amongst heterosexuals, guess what?,,,,you will see mucho money getting poured into it cause then EVERYONE IS AT RISK then,,,,,so, do we let our self esteem get in the way of cure? We still don't have to tell anyone that we have it, but at least IF doctors put heterosexual sex as a mode of transmission, instead of the just 3% crowd, it will help. I mean really, how the heck can they say 3% when hardly anyone has been tested!!!!!

We all might be the minority who didn't get it sexually, if in fact that is the case. Think about that:)

I have more to say about this but gotta run out. Good subject btw. I know its hard to sense the mood or tone when reading and not verbal, but incase it seems that I am going against you in any way, just want to say I am not. Just disagreed with "Hiv is a gay disease." But with that, you are totally entitled to your opinion and I don't call you a bigot or anything like that - you are calling it as to how you see it and thats fine with me.
I get labeled bigot when I express my opinion at times and that's not true, but I take things from where they come from at this point.

God Bless America, Land that I love, Stand beside her and guide her,,,,,,,

See ya later, fretboard - good thread.
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" In comparison to the HIV virus which was proven to be a gay "male" disease. "


Yes; it started with a large group of gay men, but rapidly was spread through other means.  I think many people with HIV would bristle at your characterization.  I know quite a few people who got their HCV from tainted blood as a result of a tainted blood.  Don't you remember all the poor unfortunate hemophiliacs who contracted HIV from blood products?  Transmission still occurs in great numbers to innocent wives whose husbands bring it back to them.  I know you can't easily modify your wording here in this thread.  I just want to point out that there are many ways to contract HIV, just as it is also true for HCV.  Yes, misconceptions and mischaracterizations abound with both viruses.

Here is yet another and heart breaking occurrence;


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I think what he was trying to say was in the american press it was highly touted at first as a disease that gay men got at bath houses and the like.  Politicians didn't seem to care much about HIV at all until it crossed over to the wives and babies and THEN it became something they cared about.

This is 100% the way that I remember it coming about myself when it was first discovered.  I don't think he exagerated at all.  I know here in NY this is how it was seen. Many of my friends got and died from this disease. Almost all of them also had Hep too and I must have gotten it back then from them.  I thank God every day that I didn't get HIV also because back then it was still a death sentence.

But honestly I do know what he is saying because that is how i remember it very very first coming in to being in the press as well.
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PS Myown is right in the fact that with both HIV and HCV the logic of "they sinned let them die and wipe them all out - all those sick twisted people(gays, addicts and the like)" logic still applies for some people even today.

Shows who is really sick and twisted doesn't it?
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"they sinned let them die and wipe them all out"

I think that that's a mentality put about to hook into people's fear.  I think the stigma was created by this and other propaganda by the people who are holding the purse strings.  It's all about money.  No government wants to find all the people infected with HCV because the treatment is so expensive and long that it would cripple the health services and insurance companies.  

So how to put people off getting tested and doctors off doing the tests?  Well, by defining a few high risk groups.  So anybody not in those groups does not get tested because they believe they are not high risk, and anyway it's all too scary and underclass, not middle class, ha ha.    

So I don't see anything changing until HCV can be cured for the price of a course of antibiotics.

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