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Hair color?

Yes hair color lol. My boyfriend is a bit of a "beauty king" and is worrying that it said in his pegasys booklet that your not suppose to color your hair. Is this due to it falling out possibly or does it actually affect the treatment itself? I know this question is kind of different from most but he wanted me to find out and I figured some of you may know :) Thanks
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Wow, does it really say that? Do you happen to know what section it was in? I only ask since this subject has cropped up before. The last time I glossed through my Pegasys stuff I remember seeing the warning about  possible hair thinning and or loss but nothing about color. Maybe the temporary, wash-in kind will be OK. Or the something gentle like the non-permanent, non-ammonia kind. Is it too soon for Just For Men?

All I have to say is if he decides to do anything then the sooner the better. In all likelihood he will have changes in hair texture. Plus, it is possible over the course of treatment his hair may become more fragile.

*Even if the medication insert said it would be OK to color my hair there is no way I would do it right now.  I am at week 22 and it does not feel as though my hair could not withstand any kind of harsh treatment. :(
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i don't think the hair can handle any harsh chems.  the hair shafts thin as well as well as the overall hair falling out.  i'd be careful with that.  good luck.  belle
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  I am not sure what the answer is to that, but I can guess. I would think that it would exacerbate the "hair loss" and "dry and brittle hair" symptoms, and also, that such harsh chemicals, could cause or make our rashes worse.
   Most of us get a rash, and mine makes the skin on my scalp very itchy!
Others on this Forum have gotten eczema on their scalps, with the rash, and, and flaky skin on the scalp.
   It is recommended that we avoid harsh fragrances while on Treatment, because they tend to cause rashes and make them worse, so we use frangrance free laundry detergent, lotion, and deodorant.
   Even the most gentle hair-dyes tend to have a strong fragrance.
What I did was I picked a tone a little lighter than my natural tone, and dyed my hair 2 weeks into the treatment. This way, I could blend the silver temples, and no hair dye for the remainder of my Treatment!
    My hair hasn't fallen out yet, I'm at 17 weeks, and I like the silver, it blends with the blonde.
   Not sure what the Beauty Kings natural color is...if it is dark, then this may not work. Some people try small high lights~
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It was in the section about managing side affects I do sliver relieve I don't have my booklet with me at the moment but I'll be sure an look tomoro and get back to you.

Thanks for getting back to me he's been wondering about this hair color thing. That makes sense tho as to why not to dye it, color is rough on hair. He will freak out if he loses all his hair he's always been known for his hair like I said a bit of a beauty king haha. He may want to reconsider dyes while under treatment if he doesn't want it to thin too much.
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Thanks to everyone else also. He has light brown hair. Thick but a fine texture. What does the texture tend to change to? Just curious what to be looking for. Also any ideas on a gentle brand of shampoo and conditioner? We use dove sensitive skin body wash and fragrance free laundry detergent. We currently are using John freida repairing shampoo and
Conditioner is there anything better that you recommend?
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Yeah, I'm pretty much the same way with my hair (mane).  If his hair is already thick, he may have a good chnace not to lose it, I havent.
   What I have done so far is this:  I only wash it once a week. And then I air dry it (no blow-drying!)  And I NEVER brush it...I just run my hand thru it~
   It is actually thicker and healthier, now that I stopped dying it, and I didn't have as much grey as I thought I would.
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