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Happy Independence Day!

Just wanted to wish my American friends a Happy Fourth of July!  Here's to celebrating what is great about your country...besides you folks.  :)

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Thank you, Trish! A belated Happy Canada Day to you as well. Burgers on the BBQ and lots of fireworks at my place today. Had a good time with the little chickens.
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Thanks!  I don't even know how many sparklers, smoke bombs, and Roman candles I shot off at my friend's party tonight.  Good times :)

And Happy Canada Day too!
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Happy Belated Canada Day, Trish!!!!!!  (sorry I missed it...but I stink about stuff like that-just ask my nieces and nephews when they get their birthday treats)

Thanks for thinking of us =)

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That was mighty thoughtful of you, Trish;, and very generous too, considering Canada Day was Thursday and it went by without mention in here. Have a fine weekend, gal--

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Happy 4th everyone,
Gotta work the late shift today 3 to midnight but hope everone enjoys their barbeques and fireworks.

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