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Happy New Year Everyone

It's been a long time since I posted. I see a few names from the past (who remembers when ths place allowed only like 3 new threads a day for the whole Hep C group? ) and so, so many new. It's neat to see the continuity alongside the change.

I was diagnosed with cirrhosis back in 2005 and treated in the 2005-2006 timeframe. It took a long while for me to reach 100% after tx, and possibly I still haven't. But I seem to be healthier than many of my friends and enjoy all the athletic activities I did before diagnosis. And getting healthier.

Best wishes everyone. There's light at the end of the tunnel.

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Thanks for your post. That is very encouraging news.
I have read some of your earlier comments. You were clearly one of the well informed and helpful ppl. Nice to see you back with such positive news.
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Hey Goof . great to see you again..Yes things have changed here so much.
All the best in the new year

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Hey GD, thanks for poking in for a quickie.  Great to hear you're doing so well.  Same here.  Always enjoyed your good sense of humor.  Yes, many new faces and also good to see those sticking around after trt to help.
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good to hear that you're doing so well.  i'm also good.  i reached SVR last month.  i'm still getting better every week.  i'm stronger and have more stamina now.  wishing you the best in 2013.  belle
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  Apparently you're a legend here,I saw your name come up many times in the forum.I'm a G3 did SOC and finished treatment in August this year.Good to see a G3  popping back in after a successful treatment.

Happy New Year

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Ola my old friend.
So happy to hear you are doing well.

I have good news, which is my tx last year was successful.
Finally, I am hep C free, going forward into the next chapter of life.

Hugs from the bay,
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Hi, thanx for the update. It so nice to hear how people are doing post tx. " And getting healthier"  yee-haw!!!!
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Hey old Friend, it's great to see you here again.

Happy New Year and congratulations on doing so well!

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have a fun year goofy!!
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Nice to hear from you and Happy New Year GD!! - I was one of the many who gained some great advice from you the led to me clearing at end 2008, and, after a few rumbles with other health issues (forgot I had other organs apart from my liver!), 2013 looks like it's going to be a great year.  

How's lil GD?  My son had his 21st, and finally, doesn't have a grumpy-bum Mum to contend with.  I'm sure your fam-dam is also enjoying an 'on the up n up GoofyDad-Dad'!   Have a great year!!

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Hey there!  So happy to "see" you
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Howdy Goof.  Glad you're doing ok.
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Hmmm... kristina forgot she had other organs... there's some grist for the mill there. Where's that Cando when you need him?

Dannyboi says he's a G3... I had to think a few secs..... Hey! Wait - wait - I was one of them too.... just about forgot.

And FLguy jokeless? - you OK son?

And all of you: Thanks - nice to see you're all OK. This place was ... no, all of you were... a life saver for me. Kept me half sane.
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I've been warned so many times that I have morphed into the the Randall Patrick McMurphy of MedHelp.  Emily has performed cyber lobotomy.  You sure about that "half" estimate?
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Dude - She broke your ***? I always figured you for a Cool Hand Luke "Some men you just caen't reach" kinda guy. What's next... no more 'toe peeping from behind the Raybans? Oh well, it's all downhill. At our age we'll soon be sniffin' bed pans for excitement.  Hope work and the family is good. Softball come sping?  
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Good to hear your progress continues...

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Thou shalt not steal--only from other comedians.
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H.S Softball season begins tomorrow in Fla, games next month.  Probably her last year in organized ball since she's a senior.  With combined baseball and softball over the past 17 years or so our days and evenings at the ballfields will be coming to an end at the end of this season.  It's kind of sad in a way.  On the other hand, I'm getting to the age when a seven inning game is a tad too long without pre-locating a bathroom.  The girl kid goes off to college in the summer but the college-graduating boy kid likely rebounds home.

I expect 'Lil Goof is somewhere in H.S. now creating an all new set of concerns.
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Hell everyone Happy New Years sorry I'm late to the party........life just got in the way a bit. So nice to see your names and see everyone doing well.

Love you,
Love Deb
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Happy New Year to you and to everyone else!!!!!

Love and hugs to all of you!!!!!
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I hope you're still going fishing and enjoying yourself ;)

Great to see you!
Hugs to all
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It's been a long time since I've posted as well, and it's very nice to see you doing and feeling well.  I'll refrain from asking exactly what athletic activities  you are enjoying this New Year and just wish you a happy one.
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Took me two weeks to find you.  Still sitting on the crapper, I see..  A fine and dandy place for you to conduct business.  Life is good, goof.  SVR for me at last.  took me a little longer than thou but what is time - ah but an elusive thing.  Still keeping little goof in line?  

dannyboi - watch out for this guy!
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Lookie there. NYgirl shows up to the party, then all the cute gals start coming.  

I started my stint here on the crapper - so I figure I might as well ride it out.

FL - the Lad's baseball is waning - HS next year... we'll see if he goes out for the Freshman team. Sorry to see your's come to an end - I do like spring baseball and will miss it whan that day comes. We have a new Pro Minor League team (not affiliated w MLB) in town. Fun to go out to the yard to watch them - although the baseball ain't so good. It's a game that needs to be played almost flawlesly.  
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