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Happy New Year?

This is the only place I can reveal my feeling that the interferon and Riba for a year and a half was akin to a chemical lobotomy with an SVR on the side.  My God, what a price to pay.  I have failed at finding my cured self and can't remember what motivation was.  My executive functions are challenged so easily, I am more vulnerable to exploitation and being steered.  I am sure I am not alone.  It has been a few years since Hep C left my body but the ripples of the treatment are new everyday.  It could be what my Drs assistant said was 'early onset Alzheimers'.  I am just a tad afraid that I am forgetting my dreams.  Sorry.  Can I get a witness?
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You are not alone. I read on this forum somewhere that interferon interferes with dopamine. I still have problems feeling my happy, but hepcandme has a good point, you need to go out and look for your happy, and feed your soul.

I work with 2 women who have gone through breast cancer, and they have the same issues too. So we are not alone. We have been cured but at a price.

So make yourself go out and do what use to make you happy—the old—do-be-have. We have all been changed by treatment to various degrees, and maybe it will change over time, and maybe not. I am thankful I won't be dying from liver cancer—my old boyfriend did, and anything would be better than that. So while it is easy to linger over our Sx, especially during the holiday season—it was rough for me this year—do what use to feed your soul. Is is ok to feel blue, and this is a good place to vent about it, don't let it rule your life.

I personally go to the zoo everyday it is not raining and walk an hour there. I joined my local art museum and go there for art days. I also go camping when I can, that helps too.

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I appreciate your thoughtful response.  Thank you for the very good advice from the heart.   I don't know what I was expecting beyond SVR.  I was feeling particularly vulnerable and wondered if any of my old treatment partners here on the site felt the same.  

I've become an activist - I love writing letters to my senators and representatives on issues like the TPP, GMOs the minimum wage, health care and chemtrails or geo-engineering.  I would love to know what others are doing with their recovery.  
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I thought I would always feel ill. It certainly was not like - Hey SVR Thanks for giving me my life back. It was a rocky journey getting there and it still can be a rocky journey to get those toxic drugs out of your system and start feeling "normal" again, especially since one's baseline for feeling normal has shifted so much

But I find that I feel better every day and some days, not so much but then I make a list of things to do and one of the things might be - walk around the lake with the hound or take a friend to the Art Museum or even, Take a nap!

I did not suffer from the dreaded Interferon and Riba combo though. That takes a lot of courage and people who have gone through that treatment are my heroes!

Riba I wouldn't wish on anyone either but I would do it all again to get rid of Hep C

Focus on something you love - nature, art, music? And know that it will get better
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