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Hard to Exercise

Hi everyone!  Since I decided to wait for better drugs at my doctor's suggestion after having to quit treatment last year after five weeks, I am trying to maintain healthy lifestyle.  However, everytime I try to exercise strenously with weights or aerobics, my muscles ache and cramp and it takes me four or five days to recuperate.  Does anyone else have this problem or any suggestions?  
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Unfortunately I haven't been able to exercise at all since starting tx.  I am getting optimistic about starting to exercise again real soon.  I hope I don't have any problems.

My first time on tx I only lasted 3 wks and am now on it again 5 yrs later.  It is tolerable for me this go round.

Good luck to you.  I wouldn't do anything 'strenuous' and keep up your regime and see if that makes a difference?

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I would and did just use some sand weights on my ankles and wrists and did some mild walking but i and others always recommend to stretch before and after excercise.
Or swimming is a real good one. Strenuos exercise will almost always make me sore.
I studied  martial arts since i was a kid and always stretched. I like stretching so much it is all i do sometimes and i keep very fit that way. Ever see the singer sting from the police. He is mister stretch and for a guy keeps very fit. Yoga all that stuff. Even those without hep c get sore for weeks from strenuos exercise. Just my humble opinion :)
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I finished treatment last year and so far okay.  Yes it can be a slow go at first.  Drink lots of water and watch what you eat.  Lower the salt intake and watch your carbohydrate intake as well.  Make goals like 30 minutes a time for the first 2 weeksn and increast to 45 minutes the next 2 or 3.  Anyway if you gradually get your body moving I have found it does not protest as much.  Good luck
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Hi! I exercise daily with 90 yr olds! I think that the important issues have been covered...stretch and drink lots of water. If it takes that long  to recuperate, you're probably trying to do to much at a time. What's strenuous exercise mean to you? I know a lot of people had to work up to walking even short distances. I was afraid that I would be so sore the first time I walked for a 1/2 hour and it didn't bother me at all. Probably because I'm on my feet all day. If you're not used to an activity, it's so much harder to break into it again....I have no endurance for anything cardio...
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