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Healing Time!!!

Time Out and time for reflection I was going to save for weekend but as with TX you just never know what’s going to pop up. Sit back, relax and enjoy...


America / Coming to the realization

Sound of Silence / The News

Mrs. Robinson / The Decision

The Boxer / The Bad times of Treatment

Old Friends / Feel in Groovy / The Remembrance  

Homeward Bound / Moving Forward

Late in the Evening /
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nice to hear those again Jasper thanks  for sharing them !  

mellow and easy!
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Yes it is, and when ones is in intercourse things tend to heat up as friction builds between the two parties until a climatic climax is reached and mutual satisfaction is agreed upon by both parties in a social setting but not always, so to sooth the disgruntled party or parties, it is best to detract from the engagement and to be social and intercourse with others as the music quietly plays in the background. A little ris-k
but it works for me.

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Music always soothes me,    makes life bearable some days!
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Music soothes the savage beast!!
Time to heal...yes!
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