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Health Care Comparisons

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You are a man after my heart.  Why is the US so behind in health care?  Why can't we get universal health care?  I guess it is the profit issue.  I found it interesting that Switzerland solved the issue by making it illegal to make a profit on basic health care.
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This country is being managed to death.
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Interesting topic for sure, I just watched that show on frontline.  It's a real shame how sick our health care system has gotten and I can't believe that nobody saw this coming.  After I watched that show I was thinking government officials could easily buy that video and watch it at their leisure.  So what gives?  I believe just like everyone else does that one hand washes the other and nothing changes if nothing changes.  In other words the capitalism way has gotten so big that the whole medical profession is making a killing, while others are dying without healthcare.  I'm sure our whole healthcare system could be fixed, but we all know how obsessed people are about money.  The thing that resonated in my head after I watched that show was when he said, we have such and such like Taiwan, such and such like Switzerland and something else like Germany, but as far as the poor go we are just another third world country.  Sorry to screw up what he said, but after I thought about it I just got angrier.  later  
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Its the pharmacuticals lobbying in DC holding a knife to the throat of our congress members, padding their already heavy pokets, keeping America from being the best in the ENTIRE world.
If we want to be 'Big Brother' to the world shouldn't WE lead by the example?

So glad FRONTLINE did this story.
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