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Hector got his liver last night.

Yes, it's on Facebook that he went into surgery at 5 pm and was closed at 11 pm. He did great according to the FB post and now we just have to send him the best healing Karma we can manage.
What truly fantastic news! I don't belong to FB but I think I recall that he told me it was a 36 year old liver prior to surgery. I'm not sure of that but I think it's true. I was just too excited to think straight or hear straight.

Our prayers have been answered.

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Thank you for keeping us updated !

Congrats again Hector!!!!!
Really, really happy tears of joy!!!
You did it!!!!!!
Many hugs !!!
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I am so happy to hear this news that Hector got his liver..  He's always so encouraging on here and positive in spite of his circumstances.  What an inspiration.  I am sending good thoughts his way.  Susan400
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Thanks for the post.  This is great news!
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I am so relieved! Hector and I were going to have lunch today (we had never actually met face to face) and he left me a message yesterday that said he would have to postpone our get together because he was getting a liver transplant. This is great news that he came though it and I will be sending all my good thoughts his way. Wow, this makes me So happy! Yay Hector!
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This is fabulous news! I am so happy for Hector!
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This is the best news !!!!
I was thinking about him all weekend. Lets all send him lots of healing energy.

Hooray for our hero in the city by the bay !
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This is great news .... Hector has been waiting a Long time our thoughts are with him
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Any news on how Hector's doing? Does he need anything?
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Best news I've had in weeks!

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great news!  i'm so happy for hector!  best wishes for a speedy recovery.  belle
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Wow that is fantastic!  Prayers for a quick and uneventful recovery.  He truly deserves it!
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A miracle, a dream come true.  You made it.  I believe again.  I believe in you.
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