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Hep C, Liver Tumor & quitting smoking


Has anyone had experience or known anyone who has quit smoking WHILST having Hep C and a liver tumor?

I am writing on behalf of my mother.

She is 55. Has had Hep C for 30 years, but diagnosed much later.
She has been smoking for 40 years (tobacco for 40 years, weed/hash for 35 on and off), and has only just quit.

Right now her liver is in early cirrhosis, and there is a tumor.
Her situation is stable since the tumor was diagnosed 15 months ago; her diet impeccable and lifestyle healthy, she opted for alternative treatment (ozone) and she has been doing fine.

She finally decided to stop smoking 11 days ago for obvious health reasons.
Her withdrawal symptoms are horrid: apart from the usual irritability/anxiety/depression in the first days, she's had smoker's flu, chest aches and congestion, and now excruciating lung pain and some temperature.

I would like to know if anyone can suggest ways to alleviate these symptoms that would not harm the liver in any way?
Or if anyone has experienced tobacco cessation whilst coping with Hep C and liver damage?

I have read about the effects of quitting smoking, and that they can sometimes last for weeks/months;
however, prolonged periods of pain/stress will be counterproductive for someone who is also trying to cope with chronic liver disease, even if the end result is to detoxify the body...
Hence my question...and looking for palliatives which will not harm the liver.

(Yoga...meditation...diet...all this is already part of her daily life).

Thank you very much,

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You have many concerns as you should about your mother.  The current seems to be quitting smoking.  There is a medhelp forum called "smoking addiction" and I think you could find some helpful answers there.   Quitting smoking has its own demons.   The only advice I can give you is really give your mother tons of positive support for quitting.  Everyone who quits smoking deserves the rewards of a smoke free life...better health.  

Best to you and your Mom.

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'don't worry' is right, you could probably find better info. on the Smoking addiction forum.
I quit smoking while I had hcv and I tried homeopathic remedies that didn't help for that problem but I was doing acupuncture and I think some of the treatments may have eased the side effects.
I never attributed those symptoms to withdrawal, I knew it was due to cirrhosis.
Are you sure that her symptoms are due to withdrawal? It sounds a lot like bronchitis or the like.
I feel compelled to add that ozone therapy is only a temporary fix, it does not destroy the virus permanently so she may still be suffering from the effects of the disease progression as well.
All the best to you both.
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