I would like to know if anyone knows how long you can have Hep-C before you get the actually virus? I was a dental asst.for 24 years. I feel pretty confident thats how I got it. I was before treatment grade-0, sherrer grade 1. I was unable to finish my treatment due to my blood counts being so low. I ended up in oncology to get my counts up. I
talked to the doctor and I was told I beat it. I am worried that it may come back due to me not completing the 52
weeks of treatment. I did 41 weeks, and was told the virus was undetectable in March of this year. I did my last treatment 6/2/10. I am a geno type 1-a.
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have you had a viral test since June?  It might be a good idea to get one soon.  if you are virus undetected two month after the end of treatment there's a good chane you'll stay that way.
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I have and the oncologist never called me. I called and was told if there was a viral load I
would know she would call, I have not heard from her so I think I am okay. That was in the
latter part of July.
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for something as important as a post-treatment viral test i would not accept "if you don't hear from me you're ok".  to me, i'd sit in their wating room until i get a definitive answer if i had to.  the doc works for you.
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Thank you, I will call her today.
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by the way, it's not unheard of for a person to cut treatment short and still get to svr.  one of the great stories on medhelp is 'rifleman' who stopped 24 week treatment at week 12 and got to svr.  it can happen.  expect good news, but make sure they answer your question pointedly.
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I called I have no viral load. thank you I was to scared to call. thanks for the motivation.
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good for you.  make sure you follow it up with another viral load test about 6 months after the end of treatment. so, the brass ring is december'ish.  merry christmas in advance.
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HepC is a silent killer and it likes to take its time doing it. You should be tested at least every 6 months and keep track of your viral load. It may be not be consistent but over time it will show a pattern. This killer works on your liver, nervous system and your vascular system. My wife has had HepC for roughly 35 years. She has end stage liver disease, vasculitis/cryoglobulinemia, severe neuropathy, chronic bilary inflamation and not to mention the depression.
I don't want to alarm you to much but you want to keep that disease in check...it never goes away...it never goes away but you can beat it by keeping it dormant. Get a full liver panel and CBC and if you haven't yet go see a heptologist, ASAP!
Good luck and GOD Bless
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DON'T ASSUME you are getting the correct answer. Labs screw up and people do to. Proper Sampling and handling of your samples is critical to diagnosis and treatment. My opinion the best testing facility is a hospital, samples are analyzed immediately (particularly ammonia) and procedures are followed USUALLY lol..

Good Luck and GOD Bless
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Thank you for your motivation to call my Doctor. This treatment almost killed me. I pray daily about it. I will be retested in December I just had a tendon transplant on my left hand. As soon as I am able I will share my story with the forum.
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Thank you for your wifes story. I will keep being being tested as often as needed. I was very lucky mine was caught early. I did 41 treatments before I bottomed out. I did not have a good doctor for my treatment, my blood counts were severe when I ended up in the E.R.
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